Jim Murphy

The opportunity at Lisbon

Jim Murphy MP  |  19 November 2010

This weekend's Nato summit in Lisbon is unlikely to grab the front pages in the same way as royal matrimony, but it is a crucial opportunity for the world's most important military alliance to set out its future plan. Transition in Afghanistan will rightly be the focus, but Nato's longer-term future is also vital.

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Labour’s to lose

Danny Phillips  |  10 November 2010

All smart bets are on Iain Gray beating Alex Salmond at the 2011 Scottish parliamentary elections and becoming Scotland's next first minister. This election, if commentators are to be believed, is Labour's to lose. The party should beware a Salmond-led insurgency.

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Missed opportunity

Jim Murphy MP  |  3 November 2010

With its allies, our country is at war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Our highest priority must be to give unswerving support to those risking their lives - and at times tragically paying the ultimate price. It is in this spirit that Labour approached the recent defence review.

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Labour to seek assurances in three areas in defence review

Jim Murphy MP  |  19 October 2010

Security is the primary responsibility of government, and the coalition's decision to conduct a combined defence and security review is welcome. Our country is at war - with over 40 allies - against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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