Fairness dismissed

Ellie Reeves  |  12 January 2011

The government's consultation on reform of employment rights, due later this week, is anticipated to include proposals to make it harder for employees to make a claim to an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal.

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Getting on with the real job

Faiza Shaheen  |  20 December 2010

Never mind the immigration cap, the government should be tackling the root causes of the immigration problem. It should also look to the future and not assume the UK will not necessarily remain an attractive destination for migrants.

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Task force one

Heather Boushey  |  3 December 2010

Heather Boushey reports from the US on how the Obama administration is concentrating minds on America's 'squeezed middle'

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Irish Labour on the up?

Christine Quigley  |  2 December 2010

Watching coverage of the Irish bailout recently, one would be forgiven for seeing the Irish Labour party as the official opposition, judging by the airtime afforded to Labour representatives. It's an promising time for the party, as it edges closer to breaking the stranglehold of traditional two-party politics.

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A new generation for Scotland

Danny Phillips  |  30 November 2010

Today is the St Andrew's Day before the 2011 Scottish parliament elections. It is an apt moment to reflect on the future for Scotland and ask not: why do Scots want independence, but why don't they?

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Beyond the Single Work Programme

Steve Houghton  |  16 November 2010

A targeted focus on tackling worklessness in the communities where it is most concentrated must be at the heart of efforts to rebalance the economy. A better, bolder strategy for tackling worklessness is possible.

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All’s fair

Tristram Hunt MP  |  11 November 2010

As the coalition tries to usurp the idea of fairness, Tristram Hunt argues Labour must fight back by recognising its own future rests on a renewed idea of what is fair, as it has done in the past

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Is following Germany Britain’s route to growth?

Ben Fox  |  8 November 2010

One European country is driving out of recession. Following the German model and recognising that economic dynamism can exist north of London could be Britain's route back to recovery.

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Obama’s midterm blues?

  |  3 November 2010

Alex Bigham and Will Straw give their views on yesterday's midterm results. Will losing the House be an unexpected opportunity for Obama, or will it simply make life more difficult for him?

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Better careers advice for all

James Frith  |  26 October 2010

Moving towards the funding of independent and third sector provision for some public services rescores a commitment to efficiency savings, cost effective decision making and accepting surgical cuts as a credible alternative to this government's CSR.

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