England’s apprenticeship system is built on quicksand

Tom Bewick  |  6 February 2015

The coalition government’s own domestic research paints a damming picture of the performance of apprenticeships in England since 2010. The hard facts confirm what many independent experts have been saying for some time, much of the hype around England’s apprenticeship system has been built on quicksand. From the prime minister down, the public has been …

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A byword for low pay, income insecurity and exploitation

Fiona Twycross AM  |  23 January 2015

Today’s zero-hours debate offers a unique give thousands of low-paid workers more security. Today members of parliament have the chance to resume the second reading of Ian Mearns’ private members’ bill on zero-hours contracts. The timing of this bill could not be more appropriate. Currently undefined in law, zero-hours contracts have become a byword for …

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The health of British cities: Gloucester

Sophy Gardner  |  20 January 2015

The Centre for Cities’ report on the economic health of 64 British cities was published this week, and sparked interest in Gloucester which was ranked lowest for jobs growth. Over the last decade, Gloucester had the highest contraction in jobs with over 8,000 fewer jobs than a decade ago. This is obviously disappointing as it …

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Creating good jobs is central to Labour’s mission

Mark Rusling  |  16 December 2014

Anybody who has seen the council graph of doom will know that, if the current funding cuts continue, in five years’ time councils will be doing nothing but emptying the bins and providing social care in five years’ time. Helping residents into work will not get a look-in. We will all lose out from this, …

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There is no third way

Stuart Macnaughtan  |  11 December 2014

Peter Mandelson’s speech at the IPPR’s conference on policy priorities for the next European Commission was his second intervention in as many days following the launch of Policy Network’s Laying the Foundations for a Labour Century report. It was a speech from a political heavyweight clearly still passionate about Britain’s place in the world and …

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When the living wage is not enough

Graeme Atherton  |  21 November 2014

The very need for ‘Living Wage Week’ at the beginning of November highlighted the distorted nature of a labour market allegedly ‘on the up’. The best-paid group are on 3.7 times the pay of the bottom 10 per cent. This compares with a ratio of 3.5 in 2000 and equates to a five per cent …

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‘Business buy-in’ provides opportunities for our young people

Sarah Hayward  |  29 July 2014

Youth unemployment remains too high. This Tory-led government have done little to prevent a lost generation. Labour in Camden refuses to give up on our young people, despite losing 50 per cent of our council budget. That is why we are doing all we can – making every pound count – to equip young people …

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Capital Gains?

Raphael Malek  |  14 July 2014

Londoners will vote for their next mayor on 5 May 2016, just under a year after the nation votes in the 2015 general election. However, these two elections are likely to be contested on very different issues. Much attention has been devoted to the increasing differences between London and the rest of the United Kingdom, …

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Making inroads to our rural supporters

Mary Wimbury  |  27 June 2014

There was a woman who walked nine miles, mostly down a 60-mile-an-hour, windy ‘A’ road because she didn’t have the bus fare and was scared that if she missed her job club appointment her benefits would be stopped. When the Tories announced that they would require claimants to visit job centres daily I wondered how …

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Career and family should not be a zero-sum game

Beth Miller  |  13 June 2014

There has been much debate about Kirstie Allsopp’s recent comments on university and motherhood. Allsopp explained that if she had a daughter she would tell her, ‘Darling, do you know what? Don’t go to university. Start work straight after school, stay at home, save up your deposit – I’ll help you, let’s get you into …

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