John Healey

Reclaiming the north

John Healey MP  |  17 May 2016

The most important political event for Labour last year was not Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership election but our party losing the general election. And our most important political challenge is now to work out how to win in 2020 – a much bigger challenge than who leads Labour. Jeremy was right to talk before …

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The death knell for genuinely affordable housing

John Healey MP  |  29 January 2016

Whatever Westminster talking heads might say, the most important event for Labour last year was not Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership election but Labour losing the general election. So now we must show voters that our priority is the challenges they face, rather than internal Labour party debates. There is no more important target than …

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Non-starters for 10

Thomas Neumark  |  8 October 2015

David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference has been hailed as ‘good politics but bad policy’. The risk is that Labour’s response will be good policy but bad politics. In his speech Cameron promised to make it easier for people to buy their home. He said that he would do this by replacing the …

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Labour’s duty to speak up on reform of the government machine

John Healey MP  |  15 February 2015

Civil service reform. We rarely hear about it on the doorstep. But we hear very clearly the consequences of an ineffective Whitehall machine, and strained public services. That is why, even in the run-up to a tightly fought general election, Labour must not cede the ground on reform of the state. In 2015, Britain needs …

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Good trade policy must be done and seen to be done

John Healey MP  |  12 December 2013

Those critics and sceptics who doubt a comprehensive European Union-United States trade deal is deliverable must grasp the momentum behind it. The second round of talks was sunk by the US government shutdown but the negotiators met three weeks later to make up for lost time, and next week’s third round is back on schedule …

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It’s time to end the rental rip-off

Rob Williams  |  5 November 2013

For the growing number of tenants in the private rental sector, it is not difficult to believe that they are the lowest of the low. You can’t buy a home of your own because property is simply too expensive, and your rent makes it impossible to save. Landlords have the capital to afford to buy …

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Real progress on pubs

John Healey MP  |  9 January 2013

We’re definitely getting better at opposition, and at using parliament to win Labour change. Today’s Labour debate calling for regulation to make sure pub companies deal fairly with their tenant managers and meet the standards set out in their own code of practice forced Vince Cable to rush out a commitment to legislate late yesterday …

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Breaking the silence on housing

David Talbot  |  29 March 2012

Over the past few months an issue that has received scant political attention over the past few decades became the most emotive issue not only in Westminster, but across the land. It sparked a petition of nearly a quarter of a million; organisations ranging from Campaign to Protect Rural England to the National Federation of …

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Sparking children’s imagination

John Healey MP  |  6 March 2012

We should extend to the children of armed forces personnel a scheme which helps under-fives build their own collection of books, writes John Healey Armed forces personnel and their families make sacrifices for the rest of us: I want the government to make a modest extra effort to reward them by backing the extension of …

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Young TURCs at the gate

John Woodcock MP  |  29 February 2012

Last month a group of Conservative supporters operating under the harmless-sounding name of the Trade Union Reform Campaign commandeered a House of Commons committee room. Speeches were made and in what was no doubt meant to be light-hearted irony; beer and sandwiches were served. A few ministerial big beasts floated around and murmured words of …

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