John Lewis

One step forward, two steps back

Ella Crine  |  20 January 2017

Donald Trump cannot belittle the hard won rights that John Lewis and his colleague fought so hard for, writes Ella Crine At the end of the film ‘Selma’, we discover that the brave young boy who marches with the great Martin Luther King to the eponymous town goes on to become congressman for his home …

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Big policy ideas must not get lost amid the noise

Sam Sims  |  4 July 2014

Politicians are obsessed with ‘narrative’. Modern government deals with a bewilderingly diverse range of policy problems: from declining bee populations, to NHS waiting lists, to aircraft carrier procurement. Boiling this down to a simple, salient, doorstep-ready narrative is the difficult task of pre-election politics. But what starts as an attempt to clarify and simplify often …

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Clegg’s ESOP fables

Denis MacShane MP  |  16 January 2012

If Nick Clegg returned to earth as an animal he would be a magpie. He flits down and steals other ideas and then shows them off as glittering Clegg-made originals. It is his contribution to the coalition. He talks the talk about helping the poor, reconnecting to Europe, a hint of a tax on the …

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Now for public services, Ed

Robert Philpot  |  13 January 2012

After a shaky start to the new year, Ed Miliband’s speech this week served not only to steady the ship but introduce a welcome injection of reality into Labour’s internal economic debate. Perhaps most importantly, he began to grapple with the fundamental issue that will be facing the party over the next decade: what is …

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Centre-left darlings and betes noires

Jack Storry  |  23 June 2011

I was interested to read a post yesterday on Left Foot Forward on the targeting of Tesco by living wage campaigners. According to the article, Tesco are failing to ensure their cleaners, who are subcontracted, are paid the living wage.

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Big society to good society

Richard Angell  |  26 November 2010

The power of moral and social pressure can be brought to bear to bring about better wages for the low paid. Companies can aim for an accredited 'gold standard' by narrowing the chasm between their highest and lowest paid employees.

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