John McTernan

Follow the money to Fifa

John McTernan  |  14 November 2014

If anyone wanted any further evidence about what a dodgy organisation FIFA is then the enquiry by Michael Garcia surely supplies it. The FA cooperates with it and gets slammed for its pains. The Russian FA stonewalls and gets no criticism. Meanwhile, we are none the wiser as to why the bidding process was foreshortened …

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Over and out?

John McTernan  |  2 September 2014

If Scotland votes ‘No’ this month, Labour must move quickly to define the victory, says John McTernan If, as all the polls have consistently predicted, the ‘No’ campaign triumphs in this month’s Scottish referendum, it will be a great victory for Labour. But then the real work begins. Normally after a victory – and particularly …

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Carswell. Clacton. Cameron. Car-crash.

John McTernan  |  29 August 2014

Time for one of my periodic pieces on reasons to be cheerful: 1. Alan Milburn. Julia Gillard used to joke with me that we were the two remaining Milburnites left in the world. It wasn’t entirely accurate, but perhaps at the time we were the only two ‘out’ Milburnites. There were and there are others, …

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David Cameron the Bevanite

John McTernan  |  11 April 2014

Political management has had a bad name. ‘Control-freakery’, ‘Spin’, ‘Stalinism’. I know, I know – I don’t get, they’re not insults to me either, but they have been to the political classes at large. It was one of David Cameron’s oddest ambitions to be both the ‘heir to Blair’ but also the ‘anti-Blair’. Perversely for …

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King for a day, but schmuck for a lifetime

John McTernan  |  21 March 2014

The Lamborghini Reforms. It’s got a ring about it, hasn’t it? The Liberal Democrat pensions minister Steve Webb has said he is relaxed about the prospect of people cashing in their pension pot and buying an expensive fast car. What is telling is the flippancy. We’re not talking about the lottery, we’re talking about people’s …

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Scottish Labour in flux

Judith Fisher  |  13 September 2011

The Scottish Labour party remains in flux. The way forward is coming into focus, but we need to face up to and address the fundamental issues to move forward as a healthy party, fit to govern. Last weekend, proposals from the Review of the Party in Scotland were agreed by the Scottish Executive Committee. The …

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Independence day?

John McTernan  |  7 September 2011

Before the next general election, Labour will need to lead the campaign to save the union. John McTernan outlines how the party should help thwart Alex Salmond’s dream Few things in politics are utterly predictable, but Alex Salmond’s next move is. He will call a referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, on or around 24 …

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So You Want To Be A Political Journalist?

John McTernan  |  3 June 2011

Recent years have seen an explosion of political journalism in the UK. Newspapers in Britain - from tabloids to broadsheets - carry extensive political coverage, and we are in a golden age of commentary, with opinion sections vastly expanded over recent decades.

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