Jon Cruddas

Did Labour’s centre-left revival begin in Liverpool?

Joe Jervis  |  4 October 2016

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s second victory it may be all too easy to assume that ‘things can only get worse’ for the centre-left. While walking past the ‘Cool Britannia’ shops that mark Liverpool’s tourist hotspots, just minutes from Labour’s conference venue, it was difficult not to hark back to an era when Labour oppositions were in …

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Labour tales in modern Britain

Adam Harrison  |  15 June 2016

Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world This age of post-truth politics can sometimes feel a little fantastical. In thinking about the publication of Jon Cruddas’ independent review of Labour’s election defeat and Tristram Hunt’s new book on England, a host of myths and fairytales rose to retell themselves. The five years following …

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Cold water time

The Insider  |  8 June 2016

Jon Cruddas’ long-awaited independent inquiry into why Labour lost last year’s general election, released last month, was a rerun of the slow-motion car crash your insider, and, no doubt readers at home, bore horrified witness to after 2010. As a bucket of cold water to snap the old believers out of their earlier faith in …

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Labour’s unreconciled dilemma

Adam Harrison  |  19 February 2016

As IPPR releases a raft of new reports on schools, housing and criminal justice reform, it is tempting to pursue business as usual and inspect its policy proposals. Times are, however, different. The ever-perceptive Stephen Daisley last month commented that Progress, rather than leading the ‘counterrevolution … spends most of its time debating how to reform public …

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We have killed the BNP – but have we won the argument?

Ruth Smeeth MP  |  12 January 2016

In 1992 I campaigned for the first time against the British National party in Bristol, protesting against its vile neo-fascist politics of hate and division. As a 12-year-old I had no idea that I was going to end up working for the pre-eminent anti-BNP campaign, HOPE not hate, which would eventually be able to claim …

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We need to talk about … losing

Editorial  |  2 November 2015

‘In May we lost everywhere to everybody’, remarked Jon Cruddas, member of parliament for Dagenham and Ed Miliband’s former policy chief, in a speech in September. Referring to Labour’s three worst defeats – 1931, 1983, 2010 – Cruddas said, ‘2015 was worse still’. Yet this defeat has gone largely without mention from then leader Miliband and …

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The Last Word … The beginning of the thaw

Jamie Reed MP  |  16 October 2015

The Last Word is back, and it’s still not remotely personal … It’s been a while since I emerged from my foxhole to impart missives of trivel and drivia about all things political. The Road As I emerge, blinking into the light, bearded, swathed in rags, pushing my scavenged possessions in a supermarket trolley, I …

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Non-starters for 10

Thomas Neumark  |  8 October 2015

David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference has been hailed as ‘good politics but bad policy’. The risk is that Labour’s response will be good policy but bad politics. In his speech Cameron promised to make it easier for people to buy their home. He said that he would do this by replacing the …

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The kindness of fog

Kate Godfrey  |  25 September 2015

England is not Labour’s country, it is the country where we are lost. Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest book, The Buried Giant, is about England. In it, the countryside is covered with a dense fog of forgetting, a fog that confuses and distresses the characters, but, as they come to realise, also allows them to live in …

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You sneer if you want to, the country’s not for sneering

Mark Rusling  |  25 September 2015

Most of the coverage of Jon Cruddas’ speech in east London this week has focussed on his call for an English Labour party. Whether you agree or disagree, is it not bizarre quite how controversial that call is within Labour? The true radicalism was found elsewhere in the speech. Labour, the party of empty words …

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