Jon Cruddas

Brave new world

Anthony Painter  |  25 September 2014

New times demand Labour turns away from the social democratic settlement of the postwar world, says Anthony Painter As the second world war drew to a close, western societies began to face the future once again, freed from a terrifying two decades. Out of war and depression new possibilities emerged. Nuclear power, the very first …

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Not too much radicalism, but too little

Patrick Diamond  |  25 September 2014

Ed Miliband’s task in Manchester this week was inevitably a demanding one. The Labour leader had to rally the faithful by setting out a compelling vision of how British society would be fairer under a Labour government, while at the same time providing a credible policy framework that would inspire confidence in the party’s ability to govern. Miliband’s …

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One nation: Labour’s political renewal

Anthony Painter  |  10 September 2014

Labour’s policy review led by Jon Cruddas became an argument for transformation of the party – and the nation – rather than a simple list of policy ideas. In a newly published e-book, One nation: Labour’s political renewal, Cruddas and Jonathan Rutherford present their core argument for change in 50 or so pages. It is a …

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Gaining power to give it away

Jim McMahon MP  |  24 July 2014

The general election is now less than eight months away and as the political battlelines are being drawn Labour is defining a new message: gaining power to give it away. The period since the last general election has been interesting. With unprecedented cuts targeted at Labour councils it would have been understandable if those same …

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Jon Cruddas: Chicken soup for Labour’s soul

The Insider  |  10 July 2014

Labour’s bout of post-election hangover came heavy and hard. The outbreak of briefing was less a revolt than a nervous shudder, with different prescriptions and solutions competing for the ear of the leader, and offering a path forward to victory. There are those around Ed Miliband and in the shadow cabinet who want more ‘boldness’, …

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Building inclusive capitalism

Jonathan Todd  |  9 July 2014

The challenge of our age, wrote Chuka Umunna in the June edition of Progress, is to generate growth that is sustainable over the long term, balanced across sectors and regions, and inclusive so that all can benefit. This is not capitalism red in tooth and claw. Indeed, it recalls the definition of socialism offered by …

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A new political settlement

Steve Reed MP  |  7 July 2014

The left thrives on hope just as the right feeds on fear, and over recent years the British people have been fed a diet of relentless misery as austerity continues to bite. Labour desperately needs a new story that connects our values with people’s real concerns and the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Jon …

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Reassurance, reassurance and reassurance

Rich Durber  |  17 June 2014

The Labour party is about to enter a crucial period. Next month at the National Policy Forum Jon Cruddas‘ policy review will report and present what is in effect a first draft of Labour’s manifesto. A lively debate has been raging across the party for some time as to how big Labour’s offer should be …

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Pro-worker, pro-business: An agenda for inclusive capitalism

Jon Cruddas MP and Liam Byrne MP  |  5 June 2014

A rare moment of political consensus is building as voices from across the worlds of politics, finance, faith, business and trade unions begin to sound the same note, calling for economic growth that is more inclusive. What does this mean? Is it mere rhetoric? Empty words that leave us stuck with the status quo? We …

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Defend the link

The Progressive  |  10 April 2014

The Tories, banks and Daily Mail want the cooperative movement to founder because they fear its power Robert Owen would be bitterly disappointed, but certainly not surprised, at the current travails of the Co-operative Bank. He was used to seeing his grand vision of human cooperation turn to dust. In 1824, flushed with the success …

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