Keir Hardie

Something to say

Paul Richards  |  13 July 2012

Tony Blair has been advising the Labour party what to do since the 1970s. Since leaving office, having never lost an election, he continued to advise Labour, not least in his colossus of a memoir. It sold millions of copies across the world, in many languages, including Chinese. All of the proceeds go to the …

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Labour’s most successful leader?

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  14 February 2012

The standards by which party leaders are judged are often extremely high. In his groundbreaking biography of the American president, Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox, James McGregor Burns asked whether leaders can ‘bring about lasting change not by intervening sporadically and casually in the stream of events but … by altering … the channels …

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Labour’s most successful leaders

Luke Akehurst  |  8 February 2012

As a Labour history buff and an enthusiast for election stats I thought I’d devote this week’s column to the vexed question of who our most successful leaders have been. The problem is that the answer changes depending on which measure you look at. Here are just some of the ways of measuring it. Labour’s …

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Keir Hardie

God’s Politicians

Paul Richards  |  8 July 2011

    As we’ve spent most of the week appalled by the activities of people at one end of the moral spectrum, it is reassuring to remind ourselves of the people at the other end. On Monday evening, the Labour Faith Network will hold its inaugural meeting in the House of Commons. This is a new grouping …

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    What would Keir Hardie make of Labour 111 years on?

    Greg Rosen  |  27 February 2011

    Keir Hardie's first manifesto included three key aims: home rule, a minimum wage and temperance. It took until the Blair-Brown governments to achieve the first two. The third aim slipped into quiet obscurity.

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    111th anniversary of the Labour party

    Denis MacShane MP  |  27 February 2011

    What was it like for you, Brother? How one wishes to have been the proverbial fly on the wall 111 years ago today, on Tuesday 27 February 1900 in the Memorial Hall in Clerkenwell. It was one of those meetings we all know and love or hate according to taste.

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    Ages of Reform: Dawns and Downfalls of the British Left

    Sunder Katwala  |  16 February 2011

    Kenneth O Morgan is long established as the Grand Old Man of Labour history. This readable collection of essays and lectures captures his imaginative sympathy with the broader Liberal and Labour traditions that have existed since the beginning of the modern political age.

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    Movement for Change and community organising

    Ben Maloney  |  10 November 2010

    The Movement for Change could be one of the most enduring legacies of the Labour leadership campaign, and it has already made an impact in communities across the country. But dispelling some of the myths around it will also be essential for ensuring its and Labour's future success.

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