Labour history

Tony Benn: A Biography

Greg Rosen  |  8 September 2011

This biography of Tony Benn is enthusiastic and readable, yet curiously unsatisfying. Benn’s career is nothing if not precocious. MP at 25. Spin doctor to Labour’s leader in his early thirties. His campaign to renounce his peerage, recounted with panache here by Jad Adams, in itself guarantees political immortality. But the ‘great democrat’ could never …

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Liberal distractions

Robert Philpot  |  31 March 2011

Three decades since the formation of the SDP, Labour finds itself in a similar corner and risks striking out at the wrong enemy, writes Robert Philpot

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Labour’s lost decades

Denis MacShane MP  |  18 March 2011

Can Labour learn from its previous periods of opposition? asks Denis MacShane ahead of the conference 31-51-81: Why Labour stayed in Opposition, this weekend in Rotherham.

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Reading ‘Revision notes’

Mark Walker  |  10 March 2011

The first meeting of the Progress reading group of Twickenham CLP took place last night, discussing the Revision Notes article by Gregg McClymont MP, published in the March magazine of Progress.

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Why I’m backing Andy Burnham

Ben Fox  |  17 September 2010

Andy Burnham is a conviction politician with a weighty manifesto and the ability to both win the south and learn from Labour's successes and errors in government. With him we can avoid infighting and return to power.

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Learning from Labour history

Greg Rosen  |  24 June 2010

Greg Rosen surveys Labour's history for lessons in how it can make the most of opposition, including coming to terms with why too few voters backed it at the last election

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