Labour leadership

Comfort zone analysis

Conor Pope  |  10 July 2017

Did Labour moderates ever really ask ourselves why Jeremy Corbyn won? Conor Pope on the failure to try and understand the party When Labour loses an election, those of us on the moderate and modernising wing of the party tend to be robust in our examination of why we did not win. The key is …

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Believing in leaders

Conor Pope  |  16 March 2017

The ‘McDonnell amendment’ is the ultimate rejection of Clause One socialism, writes Conor Pope ‘Let’s be clear, we don’t believe in leaders,’ John McDonnell told Vice in a joint interview with Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the 2015 general election. In the same interview, McDonnell also said that ‘you can’t change the world through the parliamentary system’. The shadow …

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Claiming Corbyn’s crown

Paul Richards  |  13 March 2017

Paul Richards investigates who will be Jeremy Corbyn’s successor as the hard-left’s anointed leadership candidate One thing you can guarantee, like rain on a bank holiday, is splits on the hard-left. The old Monty Python joke is funny because it is true. For the all the calls for workers’ unity, disunity is the stock-in-trade. The Trotskyist …

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Stop the McDonnell amendment

Richard Angell  |  1 January 2017

My New Year’s resolution is to stop the hard-left lowering the threshold to stand for Labour leader from 15 to five per cent

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Corbynomics redux?

Roger Liddle  |  5 October 2016

One of the (few) positives of the leadership election and the Liverpool conference is that they forced Jeremy Corbyn to make speeches about policy. Up to then Corbyn had behaved like an Old Testament prophet who rails against austerity, inequality and social injustice. This appeal never loses its emotional power, but what is extraordinary about …

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It’s my party, I’ll stay if I want to

Nicola Murphy  |  25 September 2016

Many of us disagree with the hard-left as much today as we did at the start of the summer, or last September or for the past 30 years for that matter. So what should we do in the face of the re-election of a hard-left leadership in a party that sometimes feels unrecognisable? There will …

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Back to college

Anna Turley MP and Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  8 September 2016

Should Labour return to using the three-part electoral college system in its leadership elections?

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Chaos under Corbyn

Richard Angell  |  31 August 2016

A year in decline under hard-left control September 12 – Jeremy Corbyn wins 59 per cent of the vote in the ballot to become Labour’s new leader. Having secured 251,417 votes he becomes Ed Miliband’s even more leftwing successor. In a rambling speech with no notes, structure or real message, he introduces himself to the country in the worst possible light. 13 – …

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Credibility threshold

Caroline Flint MP  |  23 August 2016

Conference should reject the ‘McDonnell amendment’ Sometimes, the most innocent-looking amendments go to the heart of what the Labour party is. Are we simply a grassroots, socialist movement, which has members of parliament who are delegates, or are we a broad coalition of citizens and voters who want to achieve a parliamentary majority for social change, building support …

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Heart-breaking times

Editorial  |  23 August 2016

‘We’re in interesting times’ – this is how moderates describe Labour’s turmoil when they want friends and family to know they are aware Labour is in a bad place but do not want to increase further the alienation from those who voted Labour at the last election, let alone from the million switchers it needs to win …

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