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The dignity of full-time work

Chris Carter  |  17 February 2017

Labour must transform Britain’s workforce if it is to effectively tackle the challenges of the 21st century, writes Chris Carter The challenges of an ageing population are enormous. Skills shortages, healthcare pressures, squeezed public services are but some of the consequences. Britain is ageing. Fast. One per cent of those born in 1908 survived a full century …

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Rejoining the north European mainstream

Simon Deakin  |  15 February 2013

The campaign to increase the £6.19 an hour national minimum wage to a living wage of £8.55 in London and £7.45 in the UK should be supported on the grounds of both equity and efficiency. The living wage is good for families and workers, but also for firms and for the UK economy. Joint research …

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Keeping fighting inflation

Rowan Ree  |  13 February 2013

It is news to no one that we are living in the toughest economic times for generations. The credit crunch and double-dip recession have pushed household budgets to breaking point. Today’s report from the Bank of England shows that inflation is expected to rise to at least three per cent by the summer, while yesterday’s …

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Task force one

Heather Boushey  |  3 December 2010

Heather Boushey reports from the US on how the Obama administration is concentrating minds on America's 'squeezed middle'

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A new generational compact

Gavin Kelly and Nick Pearce  |  3 December 2010

Care for the young and old will be the next great chapter in the story of the welfare state. Labour should seize the chance to write it.

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