Labour party reform

Compromising Corbyn

Conor Pope  |  3 November 2015

The new leader may compromise on policy, but he will not do so on party reform, writes Conor Pope The reappointment of Pat McFadden as shadow minister for Europe was seen as the first victory for Labour moderates under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. The announcement that McFadden would stay in post came with the commitment that the party would …

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The modernisers need to be modern once more

Neal Lawson  |  9 June 2015

Dear Progress, Like me I know this short missive does not find you well. Our once great party is in a mess and is not showing sufficient signs of knowing it, let alone doing something about it. But why should anyone at Progress listen to anything from someone at Compass? Particular when it is called …

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Rock bottom?

Peter Kellner  |  4 June 2015

The Labour party needs to ask itself why it would be invented if it did not exist, writes Peter Kellner Perhaps the real surprise about this year’s election is not that Labour lost, but that it retained the support of one in three voters in England and Wales In the end, the fundamentals asserted themselves. No party for eight …

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Being the change we want to see

Ian Kearns  |  21 May 2015

Much has been said in recent days about the need for Labour to listen, learn and reconnect with the voters. That is admirable, but does anyone know what it means in practice? As elections come and go meanwhile, and as Labour loses ever larger numbers of its traditional supporters, some commentators, and even members of …

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A voice and a vote to the grassroots

Kevin Peel and Stella Creasy MP  |  21 May 2015

Labour is at its best when it is part of a broad-based, active and inclusive social movement. Yet each of us who have joined has a story about what happened the first time we went to a meeting that would make anyone wonder why we bothered. Most involve drowning in standing order questions and jargon, …

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The inaugural Philip Gould Lecture

Tony Blair  |  21 July 2014

Check against delivery, and listen to the lecture here. Philip was not just an inventor of New Labour and the third way. At its best and at his best, he personified it. Facing life, he was brilliant. Facing death he was magnificent. In both, he was an extraordinary fusion of principle, passion and purpose. Not …

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Time for NEC reform to strengthen members’ and councillors’ voices

Richard Angell  |  4 March 2014

The events of last weekend were historic and unifying. The changes will be meaningful and, let us hope, lasting. Giving 2.7 million trade unionists the chance to step closer to the party their forebears helped create is no small thing. And asking the nine million people who stayed loyal in 2010 when the party got …

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Now, win the peace?

The Insider  |  28 February 2014

When Ray Collins agreed to lead the party reform process, he was, your insider is reliably told, the third person to be offered the job. The first two grandees declined, hinting that their skills were inadequate to the challenge of peacefully changing Labour’s structures. Quietly, they were avoiding a job that looked like it could …

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Voting with their feet

Felicity Slater  |  27 February 2014

Fewer members take part in longer selection contests —Barely one in two Labour party members have voted in selection contests for the party’s candidates in its top 106 target seats, according to new research carried out by Progress. The findings suggest that we can at last put to bed the much-touted myth that members join …

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Rage against the machine

Robert Philpot  |  26 February 2014

The Collins reforms are welcome but machine politics may yet strike back When Ed Miliband launched his attempt to reform Labour’s relationship with the trade unions last July, he set himself a huge challenge: to put an end to the closed, machine politics that had been exposed in Falkirk. With this month’s special conference that …

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