Labour party reform

A new Labour party

Editorial  |  5 September 2013

Labour’s history of special conferences is not an entirely happy one. While the conference which formed the Labour Representation Committee in 1900 was one such – triggered by Thomas R Steels, a member of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants, proposing in his union branch that the Trades Union Congress call a special conference to …

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Engage, empower and employ

Johanna Baxter  |  30 August 2013

If we are to see more women in our party, and elected as representatives of it, we need to engage, empower and employ. My granny passed away recently and we said our final goodbye to her this week. She was a lovely lady who did a stint as the tea lady at Killoch Pit in …

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Inviting the public to the party

Richard Angell  |  10 July 2013

In the last 48 hours both the new Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, and Ed Miliband have announced significant reforms to their parties. Both are extending new rights to their members and in turn to the wider public. Both are opening up their parties and inviting the public in, recognising that it is in partnership …

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Time for a stand alone University of Labour

Prem Goyal  |  3 August 2012

Labour’s general secretary Iain McNicol has made clear that Labour can’t win using ‘the old playbook’. But what will replace it? An essential part of the new playbook should be the training programme Labour has for its members. A new training programme should build on the strengths of the current ‘Train to Win‘ programme and …

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NEC report – March 2012

Luke Akehurst  |  22 March 2012

The full national executive committee met on 20th March. I had been expecting fireworks on three issues: Ed Balls’ report on economic policy, the report on restructuring at HQ (as this issue had been reported in very controversial terms in the Guardian), and the anonymous report sent to CLPs about Progress. As it was, the …

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NEC Report – September 2011

Luke Akehurst  |  21 September 2011

The Labour Party National Executive Committee met on 20 September for its pre-Annual Conference meeting. There had been speculation about a big bust-up between the leadership and the unions about the Refounding Labour structural changes, but this did not materialise. Instead there was a broad consensus around the bulk of the proposals, with one or …

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Scottish Labour in flux

Judith Fisher  |  13 September 2011

The Scottish Labour party remains in flux. The way forward is coming into focus, but we need to face up to and address the fundamental issues to move forward as a healthy party, fit to govern. Last weekend, proposals from the Review of the Party in Scotland were agreed by the Scottish Executive Committee. The …

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A test Miliband must pass

Editorial  |  5 September 2011

Labour’s leader has been brave to take on the task of reforming the party. He deserves to succeed ‘Party reform,’ Sedgefield MP and former Tony Blair aide Phil Wilson once suggested, ‘stopped on 2 May 1997.’ Until this point, New Labour’s drive to reform the party was rightly based on the notion that it had …

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Refounding Labour

Building a winning party

Progress  |  14 July 2011

As the deadline for Refounding Labour submissions passes, we present highlights of Progress’ contribution. Opposition provides Labour with a window of opportunity to focus on internal issues and ensure the structures and culture of the party are fit to win again. Progress believes it was essential that Labour professionalised its communications in the run-up to …

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Innovation decentralised

Adam McNicholas  |  7 July 2011

The Labour party's review of its internal structures - Refounding Labour- has been a worthy exercise in stimulating debate within the Labour party on how we can reform the party's structures to win in 2015.

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