Young people

Transforming the system

Bex Bailey  |  25 July 2014

Part of Labour’s general election strategy is to win the votes of first-time voters, young and old. This requires getting those who have never voted before onto the register and out of the door on polling day: not a small challenge. Too often the conversation around registration and turnout is focused on the problems and …

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Tony Blair, Philip Gould Lecture 2014

Evidence-based progressive ideals

Leon Spence  |  24 July 2014

This past week I was lucky enough to have a ticket for London’s biggest ‘nostalgia’ show. I had bought it because I wasn’t there the first time around and wanted to experience some of the star power and excitement from all those years ago. In the end I gave my father-in-law my ticket to Monty …

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Evelyn Grace Academy

The embarrassment of being namechecked by Michael Gove

Ros McMullen  |  24 July 2014

The early sponsored academies were a triumph for the Labour party. After decades and decades of the poorest kids in the poorest parts of our country going to the poorest schools, here we had a major upheaval in the system: a serious injection of money directed right at those who needed it most; a grand …

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The Too Difficult Box

The Too Difficult Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can’t Crack

Peter Riddell  |  24 July 2014

Charles Clarke is one of the wasted talents of British politics – his ministerial career was cut off too soon in 2006. Never easily classifiable in any Labour faction, he has always been a stimulating thinker and writer about politics, and particularly the problems of government. In his post-Westminster life since 2010 he has been …

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Jim McMahon

Gaining power to give it away

Jim McMahon  |  24 July 2014

The general election is now less than eight months away and as the political battlelines are being drawn Labour is defining a new message: gaining power to give it away. The period since the last general election has been interesting. With unprecedented cuts targeted at Labour councils it would have been understandable if those same …

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Tony Blair at the Philip Gould Lecture 2014

Future first

Hopi Sen  |  23 July 2014

Elections are always about the future. Tony Blair emphasised this point in his Philip Gould Lecture, perhaps because it was a reminder of Gould’s own relentlessly forward-looking politics. Yet an accounting is needed too. Because for the Labour party, Blair is now in the past, and the adulation and loathing he provokes in different wings …

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Digital Skills for Tomorrow's World

Digital Skills for Tomorrow’s World

Maggie Philbin  |  23 July 2014

When I was asked to lead an independent review into digital skills by Ed Miliband, I must admit I did not quite know what I was letting myself in for. But I agreed to do it for the same reason I founded TeenTech: out of frustration that so many young people are missing out on …

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Book beach

Books for the beach

The Progressive  |  23 July 2014

What Labour MPs should be reading this summer Along with their selections for Desert Island Discs, politicians’ declared choices of holiday reading are usually concocted to curry favour with the voters. Margaret Thatcher once claimed her choice of poolside reading was ‘the latest Jeffrey Archer’, when in reality it was more likely to be Friedrich …

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Tony Blair Philip Gould Lecture July 2014

The inaugural Philip Gould Lecture

Tony Blair  |  21 July 2014

Check against delivery, and listen to the lecture here. Philip was not just an inventor of New Labour and the third way. At its best and at his best, he personified it. Facing life, he was brilliant. Facing death he was magnificent. In both, he was an extraordinary fusion of principle, passion and purpose. Not …

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Georgia Gould

Philip Gould Lecture 2014: opening remarks

Georgia Gould  |  21 July 2014

Good morning. It is wonderful to be here today. I can’t tell you how much my dad would have loved this. Some of you may be aware that in his final months my dad became very fond of planning every detail of what can only be described as his post-death legacy campaign. And these plans …

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