Theresa May Downing Street speech

The art of opposition

Jacqui Smith  |  26 August 2016

Theresa May is not invincible. Here’s how to oppose her Let’s do a little late summer day-dreaming. Imagine we were in a fit state as a party to build an effective opposition to Theresa May and her government. What would we be doing? Where should we focus our efforts? I know from 10 years of ministerial life what an effective opposition …

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The Alternative

The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics

Patrick Diamond and Maya Goodfellow  |  26 August 2016

The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Patrick Diamond and Maya Goodfellow each enjoy a new collection of essays from across the left – but questions around economic competence and the meaning of ‘progressive’ remain   The Alternative: Towards a New Progressive Politics Lisa Nandy MP, Caroline Lucas MP and Chris Bowers (Eds) BiteBack Publishing | £12.99 | …

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Labour balloon

Heart-breaking times

Editorial  |  23 August 2016

‘We’re in interesting times’ – this is how moderates describe Labour’s turmoil when they want friends and family to know they are aware Labour is in a bad place but do not want to increase further the alienation from those who voted Labour at the last election, let alone from the million switchers it needs to win …

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No trade unionist wants year after year of Tory rule

Paul Richards  |  11 August 2016

It is nauseating to watch people who have been in the Labour party for a matter of months, and who probably didn’t vote Labour last year, denouncing the GMB, Britain’s third biggest trade union, for backing Owen Smith. The manner of their denunciation follows the well-trodden Momentum-inspired path: there was a conspiracy to stop members …

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Taking Power Back

Taking Power Back: Putting People in Charge of Politics

Alice Perry  |  22 July 2016

British politics in crisis. Chaos reigns in both Labour and the Conservative party. The Brexit vote has left many people feeling bewildered, unable to recognise their country. People across the political spectrum feel deeply angry with the establishment. The key referendum message which resonated with voters spoke of the desire to ‘take back control’. So …

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Saving Labour street stall Leeds

The week the mods got organised

Richard Angell  |  22 July 2016

They said it couldn’t be done, that moderate Labour supporters could never be persuaded to pay £25 for a vote in the leadership election. But this week, from a standing start, Saving Labour – and all those who fell in behind – galvanised the moderate wing of the Labour party and recruited a historic number …

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Article 50

It’s Europe, Europe, Europe, not Owen, Angela, Jeremy

Adam Harrison  |  22 July 2016

I admit it: I didn’t spot what Jeremy Corbyn said on the morning of Friday 24 June. I found out only later, at a packed meeting with Keir Starmer, our member of parliament, who told his local members what aroused his concerns. Corbyn’s call that morning for Article 50 to be activated immediately suggested he …

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Women to govern

Margaret Hodge MP  |  21 July 2016

We need more women leaders —The Fawcett Society, together with the Local Government Information Unit, has launched a commission to look at the role of women in local government. We want to examine women’s participation in local government as councillors, leaders and senior executives. The government’s commitment to devolution makes women’s representation in local government ever more vital. …

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Controls on immigration mug

No mugs

Jade Azim  |  20 July 2016

Labour must speak to its heartlands without bending to Ukip’s will, writes Jade Azim The post-Brexit world poses one particular threat to the Labour party to trump all others: a potential United Kingdom Independence party insurgency which could see us usurped in our heartlands, as part of a war of attrition over freedom of movement. …

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Welsh flag Wales

Letter From … Cardiff

Vaughan Gething AM  |  20 July 2016

It is a difficult time at present, with uncertainty about the country’s future following the European Union referendum, and uncertainty about our party’s leadership at a United Kingdom level. These are some of the lessons I have learned from governing in Wales where we still have a Labour government. First, leadership matters. In Wales, we have made good …

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