‘We need to show it doesn’t matter what your background is’

Adam Harrison  |  18 November 2014

The plaudits have been rolling in for Naushabah Khan, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood, launched into the national limelight this autumn as the seat’s Conservative member of parliament switched allegiance to the United Kingdom Independence party. The move prompted a by-election as he followed his new party teammate Douglas Carswell in standing down …

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Ed Miliband University of London

Hunger to win

John Woodcock MP  |  15 November 2014

Black humour can be a good way of getting over traumatic experiences, and there is no doubt that the leadership turmoil surrounding Ed Miliband has been deeply unsettling. In the spirit of moving on so we can regroup, some in Westminster are suggesting that the week of speculation over the leadership has been Labour’s equivalent …

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Harold Wilson

Dark vistas

Lewis Baston  |  11 November 2014

Next May’s election may resemble that of October 1974, believes Lewis Baston Time is running out for two polling phenomena which many have been expecting to kick in before the next general election. The first expected pattern was that the support for insurgent parties would fade as the choice of governments started to loom larger …

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London Squeezed Middle event

Rise of the middle earner muddle

Victoria Silver  |  11 November 2014

Today’s economy, while growing, is doing very little to push people out of low pay. Add to this the fact that, according to a BritainThinks poll, many Londoners class themselves as ‘outsiders’, struggling to succeed and believing that owning a home is a pipe dream. You can therefore see why speakers at last week’s Progress …

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Berlin Wall

Fall of the Berlin Wall: would Poland suffer, again?

Mike Gapes MP  |  8 November 2014

On 9 November 1989 as senior international officer of the Labour party I was in Warsaw as a member of a delegation of about 10 members of the Socialist International Disarmament Advisory Committee led by Kalevi Sorsa, the former foreign minister and later prime minister of Finland. On 9 November we had a number of meetings …

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English flag. England.

The party of England

Patrick Diamond  |  7 November 2014

The recent ‘No’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum triggered an initial wave of relief across the Labour party which had fought so passionately to safeguard the union. Since the referendum, the Labour leadership has nonetheless appeared defensive, perturbed by David Cameron’s insistence on ‘playing politics’ with the constitution, aggressively pursuing ‘English votes for English …

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One conversation at a time

Richard Angell  |  7 November 2014

While the media obsesses about the mood in Westminster, ordinary party members across the country are not going to get distracted from the main task in hand: grinding out a win on the doorstep. One conversation at a time. It is easy to get disheartened by turbulence at the top of the party. But Labour …

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East Dulwich Picturehouse

We all need to be champions for a living wage

Fiona Twycross AM  |  7 November 2014

This week the Living Wage Foundation announced that there are now over 1,000 employers in the UK who have signed up to the accreditation. Many of the companies that are signing up have big profits but relatively few low-paid workers. This makes them ‘low-hanging fruit’ as the cost of becoming accredited is marginal. Companies with …

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The Insider

Coming down the track

The Insider  |  4 November 2014

Scottish or not, it was easy to distinguish Labour members of parliament returning to Westminster from rays of sunshine. A conference kindest described as definitely not triumphal, underwhelming polls and a close-run thing in Heywood and Middleton cast a pall over the new parliamentary term. Auguries of hard times were easy to find. As predicted …

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Getting infrastructure back on track

Rowan Ree  |  4 November 2014

Infrastructure is the life-blood of an economy. Coming in the form of energy, transport, communications, water and waste, it creates the national networks in which we live our lives. In the short term, infrastructure investment brings a stimulus to local areas. Each pound spent on a project generates £2.84 during the construction phase. In the …

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