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Parties at war

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  29 August 2015

‘Now it’s open war’, screamed the Daily Mail headline on 18 June 2015. Not, this time, a comment on the Labour leadership race that was then getting into full swing, but the contest to come on the Treasury benches. The future race to be leader of the Conservative party, a vacancy David Cameron himself pre-announced …

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Harriet Harman Sunday Politics

Lonely leaders

Olly Parker  |  28 August 2015

Why the Labour party needs outriders —If it was true that during the welfare reform and work bill Harriet Harman was ‘acting as her own outrider’ and deliberately making bold statements to try and take Labour’s policy on welfare closer to where the public are, then it is yet another sign of weakness in our nation’s left-leaning organisations. No leader, even an acting …

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Exit poll 2015

Why purpose and power are one and the same

Adam Harrison  |  27 August 2015

A member of my local party, a pensioner, came up to me at a recent community festival, fuming. He was, and still is, extremely angry at the failure of the Labour party to regain power this year. His anger was not of the type I have seen much in the party. It was deeply personal …

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House of Commons bench

The missing 30

Richard Angell  |  26 August 2015

Labour was founded, not to bring about socialism – that came later with the 1918 Fabian-authored Clause IV, but to put working-class people into parliament. Initially groups like the National Union of Miners stayed with the Liberal party, hoping for scraps off the table. Soon it was clear that only Labour was committed to this …

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Labour sticker

Standing for something

Duncan Enright  |  26 August 2015

At the weekend I met a couple who have just joined the Labour party in my home town Witney. The two of them cornered me at a birthday bash for another new member, an old friend of mine. These are just a few of the men and women, old and young, who have boosted Witney …

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The Insider cartoon Sep 2015

Who’s got their party back?

The Insider  |  25 August 2015

Well, that escalated quickly. When he entered the Labour leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn was best known to historians of British parliamentary rebellions. While he has long been a doughty campaigner for the British left, they had not seen him as being at the very front rank of their depleted ranks. In past elections, John McDonnell, Diane …

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George Osborne Marr 12.04.15

Forward, not sideways

Anthony Painter  |  25 August 2015

‘Fingers crossed’ is no strategy. Labour needs the chutzpah to occupy the centre-ground, writes Anthony Painter In a situation of traumatic change, it is completely understandable that people reach for either a radical break or cling to safety. But neither is right for Labour. The question, as ever, is how Labour values can be applied in …

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Partit Laburista. Labour party of Malta

Letter from … Valletta

Joseph Muscat  |  24 August 2015

An old adage has it that a rightwing politician who ‘borrows’ progressive ideas is smart, while a social democrat who takes a leaf out of the book of commonsense conservatism is a traitor. Political parties are not pressure groups. Their aim is not to press government to make changes, but to be in government and make those changes. …

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Liz Kendall’s radical idea

Nicolas Turner  |  24 August 2015

We have been told that Jeremy Corbyn represents a radical new leader for the Labour party, that he is a ‘curator of the future‘. I disagree with that view. I do not think that Corbyn’s brand of top-down socialism and reheated Bennism is new or radical, and I do not believe that it will lead …

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Southern England

Another shot of southern discomfort

Lewis Baston  |  21 August 2015

Labour’s horror-show relationship with the south continues Here we are again. The Southern Discomfort series, begun in the early 1990s, is now joining Halloween and Friday the 13th as a long-running horror franchise. Policy Network’s Southern Discomfort Again revisited the problem in 2010, and followed up with a 2015 update this summer. The depressing similarity between the overall …

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