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Summer reading: dusting down the old tomes

Paul Richards  |  29 July 2015

This summer, the Labour party needs a holiday like never before. It needs to turn off Twitter, drink sangria, feel the sand beneath its toes and stare at the ocean. It needs to get a little perspective, think about its future, and buy an oversized sombrero. It needs a rest. Knowing it as we do, …

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The politics of uncertainty and the periphery

Luke Pollard  |  28 July 2015

There is a dangerous fallacy commonly held by many in Westminster that the south-west of England is a straightforward fight between the Liberal Democrats and the Tories. Thanks to the ascendancy of United Kingdom Independence party you can now throw in a bit of purple to the fight but, apparently, it is not one where …

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Back in business

James Frith  |  28 July 2015

It is 10 years since my first real involvement in a general election. Five years since I ran a general election campaign as a volunteer. Three years since I began campaigning to be a candidate, while raising a young family and running my own business. Two years as the Labour candidate for Bury North. And I …

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Self-employment form pic

The forgotten middle

Philip Ross  |  28 July 2015

They have been called the ‘forgotten middle’. They are the self-employed and in particular those on lower incomes, often called ‘precariat’ workers. They need to come together to gain recognition of their both status and their contribution. If they can gain recognition, even informally within their own ranks, then they organise. If they can organise …

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Deal or No Devo for Cornwall?

Jude Robinson  |  27 July 2015

Devolution is high on the agenda at the moment and it would take some hefty research to come up with a politician arguing against it and for the centralisation of power. It is in danger of becoming one of those issues that no one questions or dissects. That would be a shame, as we discovered …

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Right to buy means responsibility to build

Duncan Enright  |  27 July 2015

You have to be pretty out of touch with reality to go into an election, during a severe housing shortage, with a measure that will reduce the availability of affordable homes across the country. That is what the Tories did in promising to introduce the right to buy for housing association tenants. Recent reports highlight …

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Obama Power

Keiran Pedley  |  27 July 2015

Just how did Barack Obama manage to turn things round and win a second term when the political tide seemed to be turning against him? That is the central question of this short and punchy read by Jeffrey Alexander and Bernadette Jaworsky. In just over 100 pages of text that is accessible to the reader …

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Harriet Harman Sunday Politics

The choice before Labour

Nora Mulready  |  24 July 2015

The single most important foundation stone for Labour’s recovery is a renewed commitment to a strong economy, and that means governing in facts, not in wishful thinking. Harriet Harman did Labour a massive favour by shaking the party from its dream state over welfare and thrusting it back into the brutal reality of our predicament: …

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Co-operative party

A party of businesses

Karin Christiansen  |  24 July 2015

It has been a bit of rollercoaster ride being general secretary of the Co-operative party over the last three years. The troubles at the Co-operative Bank, the revelations about Paul Flowers and the resulting convulsions within the Co-operative Group have not been enjoyable to watch for those of us with a deep-seated belief in the …

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Liz Kendall_Livity speech

The era of top-down politics is over

Emma Reynolds MP  |  23 July 2015

Liz Kendall has called for power to be devolved to the nations, cities, towns and counties of Britain. Speaking in Brixton this week, she committed to handing power to local communities and evoked the Labour party’s historic tradition of civic leaders, community organisers and workplace activists fighting against poverty and injustice. She was absolutely right …

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