Time to rally round FE like never before

Joe Vinson  |  25 June 2015

Politicians across the divide can be accused of using education as a political football, and as the new report from the Gatsby Foundation shows, this government is no different. Obsessed with media headlines and sycophantic applause from some sector organisations, politicians for too long have chased after the university headlines they so desperately crave, and …

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EU flags Europe

Europe: some home truths for Labour

Roger Liddle  |  24 June 2015

David Cameron’s referendum gamble confronts Labour with a stark choice. It is one that will test the mettle and quality of the candidates seeking the party leadership. For the tactical opportunist, the referendum offers multiple opportunities. Labour can seek to exploit Tory divisions on Europe by finding pretexts to support Conservative anti-Europeans in votes in …

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George Osborne PMQs 17.06.15

Two weeks today: Osborne’s trickiest budget

Alex White  |  24 June 2015

For those of us who grew up with a Labour government making a difference to our lives at nearly every step along the way, election defeats and the simple paralysis of opposition feel particularly cruel. The cruelty was not just the realisation that this was a Labour party settling into the natural order of things: …

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Tackling the housing crisis

Emma Reynolds MP  |  12 June 2015

This week, I led Labour’s first opposition day debate of the new parliament in which we called on the government to bring forward a comprehensive plan to tackle the urgent and growing housing crisis. Meeting the demand for housing is one of the biggest challenges our country faces in the next decade. The debate about …

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Chuka Umunna

‘The best antidote to anti-politics is grown-up politics’

Richard Angell and Adam Harrison  |  5 June 2015

Labour needs to be at the heart of a broad campaign to stay in Europe, Chuka Umunna tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison Thought by many to be one of the strongest contenders for the Labour leadership election, it was a surprise when Chuka Umunna withdrew from the contest. Now out of the glare of the …

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European flag

No Brexit

Pat McFadden MP  |  3 June 2015

Labour’s pro-Europeans must stick to their guns, writes Pat McFadden Labour’s general election defeat means the government’s proposed referendum on British membership of the European Union will go ahead. It is the prime minister’s top priority. It featured strongly in the Conservative manifesto and the government has placed it at the centre of the Queen’s …

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Secondary school

Building schools for the future … and the past

Oli de Botton  |  1 June 2015

After an education-free election, schools are back. Nicky Morgan wants to do more about ‘coasting’ schools, all the Labour leadership contenders are talking about aspiration, and Liz Kendall has offered a more nuanced approach to free schools. The attention is welcome. For Labour there is an opportunity to think about schools in a way that …

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People. Crowd. UNderground.

Calling time on crying outrage

Andrew Lewin  |  1 June 2015

Amid all the soul-searching and data-crunching of the past few weeks, one statistic haunts me more than any other. By a margin of 39 points, people who voted on 7 May said the Conservatives would manage the economy more effectively than Labour. That is not a small gap that might be clawed back with a …

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Fiona Dent Windsor

The view from Windsor castle

Fiona Dent  |  21 May 2015

Standing for parliament in Windsor was never going to be a shoe-in for a Labour candidate. The constituency has had a Tory member of parliament since 1874 and only a smattering of Whigs and Liberals crept in before that. Early MPs include some colourful names such as Julius Caesar 1598-1611, Sir Christopher Wren 1713-1722 and …

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hustings pac15 1

Let’s bin the pledges for a while

Jacqui Smith  |  18 May 2015

I am beginning to think it is time to bin my pledge card. Like John Prescott, I still have the 1997 pledge card which I handed out in thousands in our 1997 campaign. To remind you, the pledges were: We will cut class sizes to 30 or under for five, six and seven year olds …

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