Ed Miliband manifesto launch

Seven days to go

Emma Burnell  |  30 April 2015

I have been an Ed Miliband supporter for a really long time. I supported him throughout his leadership campaign and before that I was a real admirer of his work in department of energy and climate change. I saw him inspire young climate change campaigners and get them enthusiastic about Labour’s work. I knew this …

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Engand flag

Pride (in the name of love)

Mark Rusling  |  23 April 2015

National pride has always been a vexed issue for the left. Too culturally close to patriotism to admire and too politically close to nationalism to emulate, we have too often ceded it to the right. Orwell summed it up for most of us when he said ‘Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and …

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English flag. England.

Labour is the only party that can rebuild our nations

John Denham MP  |  23 April 2015

St George’s Day falls just two weeks before the election. After a poisonous and divisive Tory Scottish National party campaign the scale of the challenge facing Ed Miliband on 8th May – to rebuild both England and the union – is becoming clear. Forget the spurious row about Labour’s ‘dependence’on the SNP. There is no …

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Nicola Sturgeon manifesto

Dispelling the myth that the SNP is ‘progressive’

George Foulkes  |  21 April 2015

The Scottish National party is more like a cult than a political party. A recent poll showed that the majority of SNP members consider a criticism of the SNP as a personal criticism. And any manifest failings of their government at Holyrood are set aside in pursuit of the cause of independence. But it is …

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Labour manifesto front cover text

8 May: the date we start to devolve power

Jessica Studdert  |  16 April 2015

One of the lesser commented-on aspects of Labour’s manifesto launch this week was Ed Miliband’s declaration that Labour would be seeking to win power in order to give it away. At the core of Labour’s offer to the country is a pledge to give power back to people so that they can change things for …

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David Cameron and Evan Davis

From the bearpit to the sandpit: Women hold the key to No 10

Fiona Twycross AM  |  16 April 2015

If last Sunday newspapers had suggested that childcare, not the economy, would be one of the key battleground issues emerging from the election manifesto launches this week many of us might have been sceptical. As the week has progressed, however, it has become clear that women voters are being targeted by the Conservatives ahead of …

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Labour manifesto front cover text

It’s game on

Emma Burnell  |  14 April 2015

Polls are funny critters. They both shape and change narratives often with very little basis. We all know our stock lines to any poll showing us further ahead than expected (No complacency) or further behind (The only poll that matters is on election day). We can repeat the words ‘It’s the trend that matters’ until …

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EdM manifesto launch 2015

Tackling the issue of economic credibility head on

Stephen Beer  |  14 April 2015

Labour’s manifesto tackles head on the issue of economic credibility, in terms of fiscal prudence and household finances. In contrast, the Conservatives seem to be undermining their own economic arguments. When Labour lost the 2010 general election, its economic credibility was severely damaged. For the most part, this was unfair. The scale of the financial …

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The Purple Book

Purple patches

Stephen Bush  |  13 April 2015

Stephen Bush reviews the influence of The Purple Book on Ed Miliband’s Labour party For Labour, things tend to get worse before they get better. Narrow losses in 1951 and 1979 were followed by emphatic defeats in 1955 and 1983. In Holyrood, a knife-edge result in 2007 turned into a full-blown rout in 2011. Boris Johnson won …

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Labour doorstep campaign Fiona Mactaggart

Keep at it – it is working

Jacqui Smith  |  13 April 2015

Anybody who is reading this is probably taking a short break from phoning, leafletting, doorknocking and poster-erecting. My message to you is ‘Keep at it – it is working’. Last week I experienced the election campaign equivalent of Peter Mandelson’s old mantra that it is only when you are sick to tears with a particular …

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