Tony Blair

‘It might be worth listening to me’

Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison  |  30 October 2014

Tony Blair’s legacy is hotly contested. He defends it to Robert Philpot and Adam Harrison The expected publication next year of the much-delayed Chilcot inquiry will reopen, if it ever closed, the debate about Britain’s most controversial foreign policy action since Suez: the decision to join the United States in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein …

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Rochester and Strood

Fighting to win Rochester

John Newham  |  30 October 2014

However tempting it might be to spectate at a possible slugfest between the Tories and the United Kingdom Independence party in the forthcoming Rochester and Strood by-election, Labour should make every effort to fight to win a seat held in the last decade – and sent both our major opponents packing. The Tories are not …

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Liz McInnes

After Heywood

Deborah Mattinson  |  29 October 2014

Labour must learn why it has lost so many voters, especially men, argues Deborah Mattinson Labour suffered what one shadow cabinet member described as a ‘near-death experience’ in Heywood and Middleton last month. Had the worst actually happened then maybe something would have changed. Instead, general election coordinator Douglas Alexander was insistent that no change …

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DWP. Department for Work and Pensions.

New ‘fit for work’ contract will not be fit for purpose

Sheila Gilmore MP  |  29 October 2014

Today the government announced that American firm Maximus have been awarded the contract to carry out medical assessments to determine whether people who claim they are unable to work due to ill health or disability should be entitled to benefits. When this work was first outsourced to the French firm Atos Healthcare in 1998, this …

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Ed Miliband, PMQS, 29 October 2014

Ukip at the feast

Sally Gimson  |  29 October 2014

The ghost of the United Kingdom Independence party hovered over prime minister’s questions today. No one mentioned it by name. Its only member of parliament, Douglas Carswell, said nothing. But there are shadowy Ukip sympathisers among the grey-suited, ageing and disappointed men who make up the Tory parliamentary party. And they are spirits the Conservative …

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Horst Seehofer and Angela Merkel

Labour’s German future?

Callum Anderson  |  28 October 2014

Both the United Kingdom and Scottish Labour parties, with just seven months until the 2015 general election, have been thrown into disarray since Johann Lamont brought her short three years tenure as leader of the Scottish Labour party to an abrupt end. And she has by no means left the stage quietly. Lamont was scathing …

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Care home. Old people. Women

If we want good care we will have to pay for it

Frank Soodeen  |  28 October 2014

There are several theories for why we pay care workers relatively little. Devaluation theory describes it in terms of gender bias – most care workers are women, and given decision-makers’ tendency to underestimate the contribution of female-dominated roles to the organisational bottom line, there is an inbuilt bias towards under-rewarding the work. Gender also plays …

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Harsh realities

Willie Sullivan  |  27 October 2014

The referendum campaign exposed Scottish Labour’s many flaws, writes Willie Sullivan I voted ‘Yes’ in the referendum as did several other, some prominent, members of the Scottish Labour party. I am not writing here to explain that decision but readers should know that fact before I give my take on the state of Scottish Labour. …

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Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam, big ideas and a plan to execute them

John McTernan  |  24 October 2014

Gough Whitlam died this week. In Britain he was probably known for the fact that his Labor government was outrageously dismissed by Governor-General John Kerr. Gough’s line on this is one of the most famous in Australian political history – ‘Well may we say God Save The Queen, because nothing will save the Governor-General.’ And …

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Bob Blizzard Labour leaflets

Labour needs a campaigning culture change

Jacob Lister  |  24 October 2014

‘You’re all the same!’ or ‘They’re all a bunch of lying, thieving b****rds!’ are phrases I hear every time I go out on the doorstep, and phrases I am sure all Labour party activists have heard before. But they are more than just the words of a bitter angry man or woman, they are a …

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