Kezia Dugdale MSP

A strong first outing

Callum Munro  |  18 December 2014

The Scottish Labour party was clear in its decision that Kezia Dugdale is exactly who we need as our new deputy leader. Today we saw why. In her first outing against Nicola Sturgeon at first minister’s questions, Kezia chose to lead on the highly topical issue of falling oil prices and the serious threat this …

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Operation Flight Website crop

A view from Brent

Dawn Butler  |  17 December 2014

Brent Central is a north-west London seat whose residents have voted Labour and Liberal Democrat in local and national elections over the past decade. The outcome next May could well indicate the shape of the government to come. Brent Central is a lively, vibrant and exciting part of north-west London which I am so proud …

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Woman with purse

Why should women be paid less than men for the same job?

Sarah Champion MP  |  16 December 2014

Today, I am bringing a ten minute rule bill on equal pay to parliament. The bill asks for implementation of Section 78 of the 2010 Equalities Act, which would place a duty on companies with over 250 employees to publish their figures on the pay gap between the men and women working for them. It …

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Why making work pay is key to balancing our books

Dan Jarvis MP  |  16 December 2014

Today I am leading a debate in parliament – but it is a debate we should have had three weeks ago. On 28 November my Make Work Pay Bill was due to be debated in the House of Commons. It was a bill to give greater powers to the Low Pay Commission and strengthen the …

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Street of houses

How to talk about immigration

Matthew Rhodes  |  15 December 2014

News today suggests that Labour members of parliament have been warned against talking about immigration while campaigning. For many this does not come as a huge surprise, as the Labour party has often struggled with how it should talk about immigration, or whether it should talk about it at all. In British Future’s recent report, …

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Rochdale town centre

Helping the heart of Rochdale

Richard Farnell  |  15 December 2014

Rochdale has one of the most handsome town centres in Greater Manchester. A Grade II listed Gothic town hall, fine cenotaph and well-tended gardens, an impressive new transport interchange and modern tram system and the award-winning council offices of No1 Riverside, officially the best workspace in the UK. But walk just a short way from …

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Our agenda will only succeed if business drives growth

Stuart Hudson  |  15 December 2014

There are not many things that the average Labour party member shares in common with the characters of Downton Abbey. But for most of us, one such trait may be a slight queasiness about the idea of making money. While an ageing dowager might roll her eyes at the flashiness of the nouveaux riches, we …

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Ed Miliband

Labour’s bold offer on the deficit question

Stephen Beer  |  11 December 2014

The next government will face immense challenges. The economy is still recovering from the financial crisis and resulting recession. Many people have seen their living standards fall for years and productivity is only recovering slowly. An ageing population, the threat of climate change, and the opportunities and threats arising from new technology will all be …

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Liam Fox headshot

Meeting a historic mission

The Progressive  |  11 December 2014

What bores the Conservative party can stir Labour once more ‘All we hear from [Labour] is poverty, poverty, poverty – la, la, la … It is just boring for Conservative members.’ So once said Liam Fox, outlining the fundamental difference between the two mainstream parties and reminding us of Labour’s historic mission to ensure that …

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Ed Miliband at the Oxo Tower January 2012

Masterminding the deficit question

Hopi Sen  |  11 December 2014

Ed Miliband’s favourite childhood game was, famously, a Rubik’s cube. Young Miliband possessed prodigious ability with the coloured squares, twisting them hither and thither until they aligned correctly. I was less brilliant. My preferred intellectual test was Master Mind. Despite the title it was a less impressive endeavour. Your opponent chose a selection of coloured …

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