Trident submarine

Nationalist posturing over Trident gets us nowhere

John Woodcock MP  |  20 January 2015

The UK’s nuclear deterrent will always be a controversial issue for the country and its politicians. That is understandable: the prospect of nuclear holocaust is so grotesque that many simply will not countenance their taxes being spent on a system that could – even in theory – inflict it. Some members of all parties, including …

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Operation Flight Website crop

Operation Flight liveblog

Operation Flight, as part of the Campaign for a Labour Majority, is a national campaign day in nine of the 106-target seats where the incumbent Conservative or Liberal Democrat member of parliament is stepping down. As the incumbent flies off, Progress flies in. Check out all the details and sign up to come along here – but …

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The Party of Opportunity

The party of opportunity?

Hopi Sen  |  9 January 2015

Conservative thinktank Renewal’s new pamphlet The Party of Opportunity is intended to blow away the idea that the Conservative party is only for braying public schoolboys and hard-faced men who have done well out of capitalism. In the pamphlet 14 Tory members of parliament from working-class backgrounds share their life stories and relate what in …

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Young people

Young people’s votes are Labour’s to win

Alex Farrow  |  9 January 2015

A poll for The Observer has shown that the Labour party is the favourite among young people, holding a 14 per cent lead over the other parties, with young people’s priorities closely matching those championed by Labour, such as the NHS, inequality, and unemployment. In response, our party must present a bold, visionary and responsive …

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Operation Flight Website crop

Government – our ability to convert argument into action

Tristram Hunt MP  |  6 January 2015

0.7 per cent. Ask my friend Ally McGovern MP why this is an important figure. Here is what she will say: first, it is one of our proud legacies from our time in government: Labour’s overseas aid promise to the poorest communities in the world now going through parliament and still opposed by Tory members …

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Tories’ tax cut black hole

Stephen Beer  |  6 January 2015

The new year has begun with a political battle about spending. Labour focused on the deteriorating state of the NHS under this government, highlighting its pledge to inject extra funding to recruit more frontline staff. It was no surprise that the Conservatives focused on the economy and fiscal policy, claiming Labour had made a series …

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Young people

People, issues and collective change

Roxana Andrusca  |  6 January 2015

Young people are the future, but are they interested in politics? While we still need to work on increasing the number of young people actively involved in politics, as Labour shadow cabinet member Ivan Lewis has been working on, I would argue that young people are actually more interested in public issues and current affairs …

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Hope play


Richard Angell  |  5 January 2015

Actor Paul Higgins moves seamlessly from foul-mouthed and over-confident Downing Street operator in the Thick Of It to his latest role as contorted local councillor in Jack Thorne’s latest play, Hope. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, Higgins is number two this time to cold Labour council leader Hilary (played by Stella Gonet) rather …

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Kezia Dugdale MSP

A strong first outing

Callum Munro  |  18 December 2014

The Scottish Labour party was clear in its decision that Kezia Dugdale is exactly who we need as our new deputy leader. Today we saw why. In her first outing against Nicola Sturgeon at first minister’s questions, Kezia chose to lead on the highly topical issue of falling oil prices and the serious threat this …

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Operation Flight Website crop

A view from Brent

Dawn Butler  |  17 December 2014

Brent Central is a north-west London seat whose residents have voted Labour and Liberal Democrat in local and national elections over the past decade. The outcome next May could well indicate the shape of the government to come. Brent Central is a lively, vibrant and exciting part of north-west London which I am so proud …

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