Israel flag

Negotiation is the only route to lasting peace

John Woodcock MP  |  13 October 2014

I have been called scum and an apologist for murder for questioning today’s motion which calls for the United Kingdom to unilaterally recognise Palestine outside of any United Nations process or negotiated settlement. With feelings running high, support for the motion is being presented as a binary test of whether you have sympathy with the …

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Ukip conference 2014

No need for new policy on immigration

Jacqui Smith  |  13 October 2014

If comment pieces were votes, we would have defeated the United Kingdom Independence party already and would no longer have to worry about having been 600 votes away from a disastrous by-election defeat last week. But they are not. None of the ‘easy’ responses to Ukip have yet worked – ignore them; talk about talking …

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David Cameron conference speech 2013

Kick Out Cameron

Duncan Enright  |  13 October 2014

The campaign to ‘Kick Out Cameron’ in Witney has three aims. We wish to be the first campaign in history to oust a sitting prime minister at a general election. Given David Cameron is so unpopular he has to buy Facebook likes, and leads a hated government that has damaged families and communities in Oxfordshire, …

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Barbara Castle and John Tembo

A fearless advocate

Nick Thomas-Symonds  |  8 October 2014

Barbara Castle could have been Britain’s first female prime minister. Born Barbara Betts in 1910 in Pontefract, her mother was a Labour councillor, her father a tax inspector. She later moved to Bradford, where she attended the girls’ grammar school, before attending St Hugh’s College, Oxford. In the late 1930s, with deep leftwing roots, she …

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Immigration event

Ukip if you want to

Emran Mian  |  8 October 2014

Ed Miliband did not mention immigration in his leader’s speech. But there was plenty of talk about immigration on the fringe, including at the Progress-Migration Matters trust event, Ukip if you want to: How do we make immigration work for Britain? The trouble for Labour is that it is not saying what many voters may …

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Crowd at Liverpool Street Station

Trust the public on public services

Bex Bailey  |  7 October 2014

A big debate about devolution is brewing. For some, this is about more than empowering town halls or creating new layers of government in our regions. Instead of more politicians, they want to go one step further and devolve power directly to users of public services – in line with Ed Miliband’s agenda of people-powered …

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David Cameron

Fighting fire with fire

Mark Rusling  |  7 October 2014

This year, I had the professional pleasure of visiting Tory conference for the first time. The annual gathering is famed for its diversity – some middle-aged white men were from south-east England and some were from south-west England. There were stands selling tweed and handbags, and speaker after speaker denounced the coming European super-state. But …

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Building (Manchester)

Seizing the devolution moment

Ben Garratt  |  6 October 2014

With the Better Together and ‘No’ campaign having won we must now, as a country, work fast to understand what that means for all of us – north and south of the border. Labour’s response must be to energise our cities and regions if the party is to own its share of this unfolding story. …

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Loving the NHS more than the Tories do will not be enough

Paul Corrigan  |  3 October 2014

The second most important point about democratic elections (the first is, of course, winning them) is that they provide the winners with a democratic mandate which provide them with a set of tools with which they can govern. A serious manifesto, therefore, does not only win the election, it must also provide the cabinet members …

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Child care

An arms race in childcare?

Michael Pavey  |  3 October 2014

Childcare was politically neglected for generations. But following the transformative work of the last Labour government, shadow minister for childcare and early years Lucy Powell says there is now an arms race in this vital policy area. This arms race was the backdrop for an excellent Progress fringe at conference 2014 entitled The Care Crunch: …

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