Corbynomics redux?

Roger Liddle  |  5 October 2016

One of the (few) positives of the leadership election and the Liverpool conference is that they forced Jeremy Corbyn to make speeches about policy. Up to then Corbyn had behaved like an Old Testament prophet who rails against austerity, inequality and social injustice. This appeal never loses its emotional power, but what is extraordinary about …

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Did Labour’s centre-left revival begin in Liverpool?

Joe Jervis  |  4 October 2016

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s second victory it may be all too easy to assume that ‘things can only get worse’ for the centre-left. While walking past the ‘Cool Britannia’ shops that mark Liverpool’s tourist hotspots, just minutes from Labour’s conference venue, it was difficult not to hark back to an era when Labour oppositions were in …

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What’s the red line: immigration or the single market?

Adam Harrison  |  3 October 2016

To ask what Britain’s ‘national interest’ is has an old-fashioned ring to it. But in the new Brexit era, when we are supposed to be sailing the ocean blue, it is perhaps fitting; perhaps even something Brexiteers would cheer. The ‘debate’ in the lead-up to the 23 June referendum hardly rose to the level of …

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Unity should be earned, not demanded

Christabel Cooper  |  3 October 2016

Who doesn’t want a unified Labour party? It is obvious that civil war costs us dearly. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s decisive victory in the leadership election, calls for unity came thick and fast at Labour’s conference in Liverpool. But, given the depths of the divisions within the party, this will not be an easy task. The …

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Witney to win

Duncan Enright  |  3 October 2016

Witney and Batley might seem very different places, at either end of England with different political colours. Both face byelections on 20 October, however, and in the words of a great daughter of Labour, there is more in common that unites us than that which divides us. Our campaign in Witney comes in the wake …

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Letter from … Montreal

Matthew Laza  |  30 September 2016

Montreal in its early fall seems an almost impossibly perfect place to bring progressives from Europe and Australasia together with Canadian and American counterparts. Quebec’s largest city is the very embodiment of different traditions living side by side. For the first-time visitor, ordering a doughnut in (bad British schoolboy) French in the quintessentially north American …

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Open to the world

Alison McGovern MP  |  24 September 2016

Liverpool shows why Labour in power matters —Coming to Liverpool for conference? Lucky you. In so many ways, we are a city on the up. New businesses creating jobs, a buzzing arts scene, fantastic architecture. As much a cultural icon as an economic powerhouse, as much a European city as a British institution. All of it defiantly Labour. But this was …

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Worth saving

Jamie Reed MP  |  23 September 2016

One day, parliamentary democrats will win the battle for Labour, writes Jamie Reed It has been an exceptional year for the Labour party. Only 12 months ago, faced with a Conservative majority government for the first time in a generation, the party sought to chart a new path as it struggled to learn the lessons of its …

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Doin’ it for the kids

The Insider  |  23 September 2016

The list of red princes and princesses given comfy jobs in Jeremy Corbyn’s office often used to make your insider worry that Momentum was just a crèche for the children of the well-educated, well-paid establishment left. But your insider worries no more after the launch of the real thing: Momentum Kids. Let’s take it as read that …

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Back to college

Anna Turley MP and Jonathan Reynolds MP  |  8 September 2016

Should Labour return to using the three-part electoral college system in its leadership elections?

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