Lewis Baston

Eastern promise?

Lewis Baston  |  24 February 2011

All the talk is of 'winning the south', but Lewis Baston presents the topline findings from his and Bob Blizzard's report on why eastern England is a non-negotiable goal for Labour ahead of a dedicated event on this next month.

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Unintended consequences?

Lewis Baston  |  31 January 2011

Lewis Baston answers the question: how much should Labour worry about a collapse in Liberal Democrat support?

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Oldham East and Saddleworth

Lewis Baston  |  11 January 2011

Lewis Baston gives his rundown of this by-election seat, noting that Debbie Abrahams is likely to win, but that this is 'not natural Labour territory' and that there is a strong, historical Liberal tradition going back decades...

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