Liberal Democrats

Memo to Gordon Brown from a Labour supporter

Emma Jones  |  20 April 2010

Re: the TV debate. The things you need to do now to tackle and expose the Liberal Democrats in round two

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Questionable Tory policy on Turkey and China

  |  19 April 2010

Denis Macshane and Brian Duggan react to this afternoon's foreign affairs debate with David Miliband and counterparts

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A progressive coalition?

Brian Brivati  |  19 April 2010

If a Lib-Lab pact would bring on the progressive reform of our institutional structures faster, and more comprehensively than any other result, then bring it on.

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Liberal Democrat manifesto

  |  14 April 2010

Michael Stephenson and Paul Swinney respond to the Liberal Democrats' manifesto launch today, expressing surprise at the party's lack of detail on localism

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Tackling the Lib Dem threat

Luke Akehurst  |  9 April 2010

The Lib Dems are a political guerrilla army so fighting them requires counter-insurgency tactics, not the frontal-attack trench warfare that works against the Tories

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The devil is in the detail with pupil premiums

Sonia Sodha  |  8 April 2010

Of all the parties' school funding proposals, only Labour's is genuinely progressive and workable

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What the polls are telling us: a small Tory win

Peter Kellner  |  24 February 2010

The past four daily YouGov polls for the Sun and Sunday Times have all put the Conservative lead at 6-7 per cent. That's firmly in hung parliament territory: or is it?

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Shelling out

Rachel Reeves MP  |  1 December 2009

Vince Cable's memoir is personally compelling but lacking in political insights, finds Rachel Reeves

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Democratic deficit

Lord Morgan  |  24 November 2009

Lord Morgan: ‘We should have the popular will asserted in our constitution, in the choice of candidates, in primaries, in the power of recall’

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Minority report

David Brown  |  1 October 2009

David Butler explains why a likely outcome of the next election remains a hung parliament

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