It’s not the economy, stupid

Dan McCurry  |  15 February 2012

Over the last year, each of the movements in the polls had nothing to do with the economy. The first was Libya, the second was the phantom Veto, and the third was Ken Livingstone’s surge from the Fare’s Fair policy. None was related to economic matters. I said this at the recent Progress event: ‘How …

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Time for intervention in Syria

Paul Richards  |  10 February 2012

There’s more than a whiff of the League of Nations about the UN this week after China and Russia’s veto of a resolution which would have demanded President Assad’s abdication. The resolution was backed by the other 13 members of the security council, and drawn up by the Arab League. The world is rightly angry …

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Responsibility and reform in defence

Jim Murphy MP  |  6 January 2012

When it comes to defence policy populism can be seductive but it is relentlessly superficial. Popularity can be enduring, but it must be based upon credibility. That is a lesson the Government ignores. In Opposition the Tories promised more helicopters for Afghanistan than the then Labour government but in power delivered just half the number …

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Labour’s future in the world

Sam Hardy and James Denselow  |  15 December 2011

Labour has the chance to restate its case as the internationalist party By Sam Hardy and James Denselow When we began our work examining the future of Labour’s foreign policy in the early spring of this year, we could not have imagined that, with a UK government in place that seemed more interested in trade …

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Let’s be honest about realpolitik

David Talbot  |  25 October 2011

The downfall of a dictator is always welcome. Especially welcome is the downfall of Colonel Gaddafi’s brutal and quixotic rule of Libya. Thus ends the west’s contorted relationship with the serial tyrant. Until a few years ago, his toppling would have been greeted with open delight in western capitals. But in recent years, the Libyan …

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Epitaph on a tyrant

Paul Richards  |  21 October 2011

‘When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter, And when he cried the little children died in the streets.’ Epitaph on a Tyrant, WH Auden I spent a little time at the ‘Occupy’ tent city in the grounds of St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday. You can read what I think about it here. I was there …

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Fulfilling our responsibility to protect

Stephen Twigg MP  |  31 August 2011

Utilising both soft and hard power will be central to reconstructing Labour’s foreign policy At Labour’s National Policy Forum in Wrexham this year I was asked whether we see the UK as the ‘world’s policeman’. It is a profound and important question as we develop Labour’s new foreign policy. The Arab Spring has demonstrated powerfully …

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Lessons for Libya

Jim Murphy MP  |  28 August 2011

We have all been stunned witnessing the courage of the Libyan people triumph over the cruelty of Gaddafi and his regime. The National Transitional Council (NTC) may not hold all territory but they hold the right to govern in a country too long denied the freedom its people deserve. As the Opposition we are proud …

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Libya and Syria: similar diagnoses, different prescriptions

Stephen Twigg MP  |  2 August 2011

Labour supporters feel a profound sense of solidarity with people across the Arab world struggling for freedom and democracy. We have been appalled by the ongoing attacks on protestors and civilians in Syria and we continue to be deeply concerned by the situation in Libya. Following the expulsion of the remaining Libyan diplomats from the …

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Leon Panetta

The chance for a new form of European leadership

Jim Murphy MP  |  5 July 2011

It is Leon Panetta's first week as the new US defence secretary. The UK and Europe shouldn't join the inevitable chorus of people telling him how to do his job but rather we should ask how we can take the opportunity to work with the US in new ways to retain and strengthen our own global influence.

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