After Goldstone

Ben Garratt  |  13 April 2011

Richard Goldstone's about-face provides an opportunity to promote our internationalist values and stem the tide of hatred against Israel

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No damp squib

Teddy Ryan  |  30 March 2011

Today's PMQs was never going to be a damp squib, nor was it to be overshadowed by conversations surrounding the wedding of the year.

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Security, peace and liberty: What is Britain’s role in the world?

Jim Murphy MP  |  29 March 2011

Today Jim Murphy MP launched Labour defence policy review and delivered the keynote speech at this evening's 'Security, peace and liberty: What is Britain's role in the world?' event.

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The man who wasn’t there

Tom Bage  |  10 March 2011

The foreign secretary haunted proceedings at prime minister's questions this week. Even in the absence of his flesh, his spirit hovered menacingly over the chamber; a terrible, droning apparition, floating one way then t'other on support for Libyan rebels, rattling his ghostly sabre and frightening the smaller children on the government frontbenches.

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Not a vintage PMQs

Conor Ryan  |  9 March 2011

Conor Ryan casts his eye over this week's PMQs, noting an off-colour Cameron, with Miliband having the best line of the day

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PMQs on Progress: the sketch

Tom Bage  |  3 March 2011

Events in the Middle East are casting a long, solemn shadow and yesterday, as is so often the case when foreign affairs dominate the agenda, the Commons sat quietly and shivered.

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Will British arms be sold to Swaziland?

Mark Beacon  |  1 March 2011

Last week it emerged that in 2008 the British government refused a $60 million licence for assault rifles, heavy machine guns, armoured personnel carriers and helicopters to be exported to Swaziland.

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