living standards

Can the increased living wage help reduce in-work poverty?

Ben Richards and Nida Broughton  |  4 November 2015

Recent years have seen poor wage growth, with real wages falling for many workers. In addition, government cuts and benefit freezes since 2010 have contributed towards decreasing standards of living for many. Low income households also face the prospect of (possibly watered down) cuts to tax credits over the coming years. The big task the …

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Additional family hardship on the horizon

Donald Hirsch  |  12 August 2015

Since the election an important debate has opened up over how far state benefits should be underpinning family living standards. The government is clearly trying to reduce what it sees as unnecessary dependency, including for families in low-paid work. It has approached this from multiple angles. Significantly higher minimum wages and tax allowances will increase …

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Getting by is not good enough

Frank Hont  |  25 March 2015

Today we are launching a major new report the state of the working poor in Liverpool. ‘Getting By? A Year in the Life of 30 Working Families in Liverpool’ takes the form of first-person testimonies from families with at least one parent in low-paid employment. The report explores how poverty, job insecurity, debt and low …

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Wars of attrition

Sally Gimson  |  21 January 2015

It was the Iraq war that dominated prime minister’s questions today. Diane Abbott appeared regal in the House to ask a question on the inquiry and reminded us what a more representative parliament might look like. There were a lot of questions from the army of smarmy white men who populate the Tory benches and …

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The party of England

Patrick Diamond  |  7 November 2014

The recent ‘No’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum triggered an initial wave of relief across the Labour party which had fought so passionately to safeguard the union. Since the referendum, the Labour leadership has nonetheless appeared defensive, perturbed by David Cameron’s insistence on ‘playing politics’ with the constitution, aggressively pursuing ‘English votes for English …

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London’s squeezed middle: What can be done to help the capital’s modest earners?

Claire Kober  |  5 November 2014

London is a fantastic world class city and we have some of the best schools, education facilities, jobs and opportunities. Our communities are diverse and largely cohesive and the cultural experiences people can enjoy as part of living in the capital are limitless. It is because of this, people are prepared to compromise in order …

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‘Essentially’ on time

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 December 2013

I began Business of the House questions by raising yesterday’s Westminster hall debate on the badger cull.  It was attended by well over 50 MPs. It is becoming increasingly clear that the cull is an expensive disaster for farmers, for wildlife and for all taxpayers. Since the extensions to the cull were announced, hundreds of …

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Our ambitions must not stop at a pay increase

Tessa Jowell  |  9 November 2013

At the close of Living Wage Week, it is important we look forward towards how we continue to grow the campaign for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. But first, I want to look back. We know how to use the procurement power of the state to secure better living standards for …

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Living standards and One Nation economics

Stephen Beer  |  5 August 2013

The Labour Treasury team is today criticising the fall in living standards under the government. That is the right focus. The outlook for living standards has to be a central part of any One Nation economic policy. There are challenges, however, as we look ahead. The first place to go to when looking at living …

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Better off than four years ago?

David Taylor  |  13 February 2013

Just a few hours before today’s prime minister’s questions, the Resolution Foundation’s Squeezed Britain report for 2013 warned that earnings for low-to-middle-income families will not reach pre-recession levels until 2023. When families are working harder for less, the pantomime of PMQs has the unfortunate habit of making politics looks small when the challenges we face …

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