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Street of houses

Rods for our own back?

Tom Levitt  |  1 October 2014

As a loyal former Labour member of parliament I occasionally supported policies for which my passion was less than total. Yet rarely did I sense a whole queue of them steaming up together, like proverbial London buses, as they appear to me today. I am talking about minimum wage, mansion tax, ‘after Scotland’ and the …

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Camden Town Hall

‘Business buy-in’ provides opportunities for our young people

Sarah Hayward  |  29 July 2014

Youth unemployment remains too high. This Tory-led government have done little to prevent a lost generation. Labour in Camden refuses to give up on our young people, despite losing 50 per cent of our council budget. That is why we are doing all we can – making every pound count – to equip young people …

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Living wage banner

When minimum becomes basic there’s a problem

Sally Keeble  |  30 June 2014

When the minimum becomes the basic there is a problem. Last week’s report ‘Work that Pays’ from the Living Wage Commission sets out the shocking extent to which British workers have become trapped in low pay. Adopting the report’s recommendations, which include a roadmap to get 1,000,000 more workers onto the living wage, would transform …

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The living wage is an important beacon of hope

Victoria Winckler  |  24 June 2014

The idea that workers should be paid enough to have a basic but acceptable standard of living is nothing new. Campaigners have argued for a ‘living wage’ since the 1870s, with the idea being reinvigorated by community groups, in the 2000s. The Living Wage Commission, set up under the Chairmanship of the Archbishop of York, …

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Money. Cash. Hands.

Low pay: the nation’s challenge

Alan Buckle  |  21 May 2014

I got a phone call from Rachel Reeves last September asking if I would do some work to encourage the living wage. It took me about a second to agree. I had seen the living wage campaign in action. I had seen in my business the difference it could make – helping people who were …

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national minimum wage act

The minimum wage: its history and future

Nick Thomas-Symonds  |  11 April 2014

Fifteen years ago, on 1 April 1999, a national minimum wage was finally implemented. It was set at £3.60 per hour, with a lower rate of £3 for those aged 18 to 22. The 1997 Labour manifesto had set out that: ‘Introduced sensibly, the minimum wage will remove the worst excesses of low pay (and …

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Third Place First logo

Making the Labour difference everywhere

Keith Dibble  |  22 January 2014

One of the themes of this Saturday’s Third Place First conference will be about fighting every seat in every ward on every council. This is important because Labour in local government can and does make a difference even when we are in opposition I would like to tell you about my local authority of Rushmoor, …

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Being pro-business Labour

Stephen Beer  |  1 December 2013

Ed Miliband’s speech on living standards at the beginning of November received much attention. Tackling the ‘Wonga economy’ he proposed a tax break for companies that pay the living wage. This opened up another front in Labour’s attack on the coalition’s record on the cost of living. However, the Labour leader was further criticised for …

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City of London

How does Labour win in London in 2015?

Tessa Jowell MP  |  27 November 2013

First we must understand the characteristics of voters in our 12 marginal seats. They are made up of a high proportion of liberal opinion voters – well educated, tolerant, and politically opinionated – who deserted Labour mostly to the Liberal Democrats in the aftermath of Iraq. The other significant group are young professionals. What these …

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Living wage banner

Our ambitions must not stop at a pay increase

Tessa Jowell MP  |  9 November 2013

At the close of Living Wage Week, it is important we look forward towards how we continue to grow the campaign for a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. But first, I want to look back. We know how to use the procurement power of the state to secure better living standards for …

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