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Liz Kendall MP

Five giant causes

Gloria De Piero MP  |  18 August 2015

Labour’s next mission In 1942 William Beveridge identified the five ‘giant evils’ of society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease. His proposals led to the foundation of the welfare state, and were the basis for much of what the 1945 Labour government achieved. Its successes, most notably the NHS, have stood the test of time. The next Labour government must …

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Liz Kendall

Kendall gives us a chance to get it right

Kiran Ramchandani  |  7 August 2015

As a local councillor in Harrow, I am reminded every day of the harm that this government is doing to our country. And every day I am disappointed to see the Labour party tear itself apart while the Tories continue their assault on people in my borough and get away with it. We need to …

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City of London_2

London’s (not) earning

Fiona Twycross AM  |  7 August 2015

Sending the strongest signal yet that the he is intent on targeting the poorest in our society, George Osborne used last month’s summer budget to announce a real-terms cut to tax credits. It was a move which will see millions of working people, already struggling to get by on low wages, unable to escape the …

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George Osborne summer budget 2

The Last Word … A Maoist bent to the budget

Jamie Reed MP  |  10 July 2015

Boos company George Osborne is not the strategic political mastermind either he or his legions of friends in the right wing media believe. Few politicians have been booed by an Olympic stadium filled with 80,000 people, but nonetheless, Osborne will be happy with the predictable plaudits from the usual suspects following this week’s budget. If …

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George Osborne summer budget 2015

Changing the country in fundamental ways

Emma Burnell  |  8 July 2015

Just before prime minister’s questions today the government announced there would be a free vote on fox hunting. For George Osborne’s sake, let’s hope that it passes, as with today’s announcement on a compulsory ‘national living wage’, he has just shot a major Labour fox. Yes of course, the devil is in the detail. A …

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Focus on low paid jobs should be a priority

Frank Soodeen  |  6 July 2015

The warning from the United Kingdoms’s four children’s commissioners that another 1 million children are at risk of poverty, as a result of further cuts, comes at a slightly awkward time for forecasters. Last week’s official data showing that poverty rates, except among disabled adults, remained fairly flat even after five years of austerity surprised …

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City of London

Low pay London needs a pay rise

Claire Kober  |  19 March 2015

Low pay is a feminist issue – so said Tessa Jowell this week as she announced her plans for a new, higher minimum wage for London. On both counts, she’s right. Research published by the Trade Union Congress shows that 60 per cent of those on low pay are women and over a quarter of …

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English money

Making pay work

Alan Buckle  |  5 February 2015

I am always impressed by the NGOs and philanthropists – often business people – who work with governments to address the most intractable problems of the world. They go all out to end world hunger, eradicate infectious diseases and minimise childhood mortality. I am equally frustrated that we have lost momentum in business, and government …

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Living wage banner

A pro-business policy to tackle poverty

Roxanne Mashari  |  27 January 2015

Yesterday Brent council became the first local authority in the country to pass a policy which will see businesses in the borough who pay their staff a living wage receive discounts on their business rates of up to £5000. We know that it makes business sense to pay staff a living wage, living wage employers …

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Green party bicycle bike

We should not try to to out-Green the Greens

Peter Kyle  |  26 January 2015

For those whose approach to politics begins by pigeon-holing, I am usually shoved in a box marked ‘centre ground’. The great thing about being placed there is that I am in the middle of things and within easy reach of everyone else. So I have never been scornful of those, such as Owen Jones, who …

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