living wage

Rebranding poverty pay will not solve the problem

Kate Dearden  |  10 November 2017

With so many people experiencing in-work poverty, low pay appears to be an issue the Tories are unwilling to tackle, writes Kate Dearden As the living wage week comes to an end, the Living Wage Foundation has announced there are now over 3,600 employers in the United Kingdom that have signed up to the living …

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A living wage hub

Parmjit Dhanda  |  8 November 2017

This week Heathrow became the UK’s first airport to be accredited as a living wage employer. Parmjit Dhanda says the knock-on effects will be huge The fight for more jobs and better wages has been intrinsic to the values of the Labour party throughout its history. As we look to the future, those same values …

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Eradicating low pay

Dan Crawford  |  7 November 2017

Offering incentives for businesses to pay the living wage has shown to be an effective way for councils to work with private sector to enact transformational social change, writes Dan Crawford When I had the privilege of being elected onto Ealing council for the Acton Central ward where I grew up, the rest of the country …

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A living wage for all workers

Marian Craig  |  14 November 2016

This year, mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced the new London living wage will be £9.75 an hour (increasing to £10 an hour during his term in office) – for the rest of the United Kingdom the new rate will be £8.45 an hour. Currently, more than 3000 employers voluntarily pay this living wage – over …

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The scandal of low-paid Britain

Siobhain McDonagh MP  |  8 November 2016

Low pay is a national scandal in the United Kingdom. Years ago, a typical family in poverty would be out of work. But now, they are far more likely to be in work – but on low pay. Last year, the Office for National Statistics revealed that almost a third of the UK population (around …

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Enough to live on

Fiona Twycross AM  |  4 November 2016

This week the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled the new hourly rate for the London living wage at the start of Living Wage Week. Nationally, the living wage rate has reached £8.45 per hour. In London, recognising the expenses associated with living and working in the capital, the rate has increased from £9.40 to …

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Fair pay for fair work

Steve Bullock  |  3 November 2016

We have been championing the living wage for some time now, and I am proud that Lewisham council was one of the first local authorities in the country to become an accredited living wage employer in 2012. I am pleased that other local authorities have since followed suit and shown their commitment to ensuring that …

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Governing Britain: meeting aspiration

Alison McGovern MP and Peter Marland  |  20 April 2016

Leading the growing city of Milton Keynes is somewhat ‘like Sim City for real’, Peter Marland tells chair of Progress Alison McGovern as she tours the country meeting the Labour leaders who are governing Britain Alison: When you became leader what was your top priority? What was the first thing on your to do list? Peter: The living …

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Only realism and not rhetoric can deliver for Britain’s young people

Gareth Smith  |  4 April 2016

The report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Is Britain Fairer?, published late last year, drew further attention to the growing problem of youth poverty. While the proportion of older people living in poverty has fallen sharply, this figure has gone in the opposite direction for 16-24-year-olds. 30.5 per cent of them are living …

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Strong and compassionate 

Judith Blake  |  21 March 2016

Leading for Leeds —The Labour administration in Leeds has had more than its fair share of challenges as we enter the seventh year of Tory austerity. Between 2010 and March 2016 Leeds city council will have had to deliver savings of £330m. That is despite 175,000 people in this city being classed as living in …

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