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City of London

Low pay London needs a pay rise

Claire Kober  |  19 March 2015

Low pay is a feminist issue – so said Tessa Jowell this week as she announced her plans for a new, higher minimum wage for London. On both counts, she’s right. Research published by the Trade Union Congress shows that 60 per cent of those on low pay are women and over a quarter of …

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English money

Making pay work

Alan Buckle  |  5 February 2015

I am always impressed by the NGOs and philanthropists – often business people – who work with governments to address the most intractable problems of the world. They go all out to end world hunger, eradicate infectious diseases and minimise childhood mortality. I am equally frustrated that we have lost momentum in business, and government …

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Living wage banner

A pro-business policy to tackle poverty

Roxanne Mashari  |  27 January 2015

Yesterday Brent council became the first local authority in the country to pass a policy which will see businesses in the borough who pay their staff a living wage receive discounts on their business rates of up to £5000. We know that it makes business sense to pay staff a living wage, living wage employers …

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Green party bicycle bike

We should not try to to out-Green the Greens

Peter Kyle  |  26 January 2015

For those whose approach to politics begins by pigeon-holing, I am usually shoved in a box marked ‘centre ground’. The great thing about being placed there is that I am in the middle of things and within easy reach of everyone else. So I have never been scornful of those, such as Owen Jones, who …

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Women working

When the living wage is not enough

Graeme Atherton  |  21 November 2014

The very need for ‘Living Wage Week’ at the beginning of November highlighted the distorted nature of a labour market allegedly ‘on the up’. The best-paid group are on 3.7 times the pay of the bottom 10 per cent. This compares with a ratio of 3.5 in 2000 and equates to a five per cent …

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London Squeezed Middle event

Rise of the middle earner muddle

Victoria Silver  |  11 November 2014

Today’s economy, while growing, is doing very little to push people out of low pay. Add to this the fact that, according to a BritainThinks poll, many Londoners class themselves as ‘outsiders’, struggling to succeed and believing that owning a home is a pipe dream. You can therefore see why speakers at last week’s Progress …

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East Dulwich Picturehouse

We all need to be champions for a living wage

Fiona Twycross AM  |  7 November 2014

This week the Living Wage Foundation announced that there are now over 1,000 employers in the UK who have signed up to the accreditation. Many of the companies that are signing up have big profits but relatively few low-paid workers. This makes them ‘low-hanging fruit’ as the cost of becoming accredited is marginal. Companies with …

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Housing estate

London’s squeezed middle: What can be done to help the capital’s modest earners?

Claire Kober  |  5 November 2014

London is a fantastic world class city and we have some of the best schools, education facilities, jobs and opportunities. Our communities are diverse and largely cohesive and the cultural experiences people can enjoy as part of living in the capital are limitless. It is because of this, people are prepared to compromise in order …

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Street of houses

Rods for our own back?

Tom Levitt  |  1 October 2014

As a loyal former Labour member of parliament I occasionally supported policies for which my passion was less than total. Yet rarely did I sense a whole queue of them steaming up together, like proverbial London buses, as they appear to me today. I am talking about minimum wage, mansion tax, ‘after Scotland’ and the …

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Camden Town Hall

‘Business buy-in’ provides opportunities for our young people

Sarah Hayward  |  29 July 2014

Youth unemployment remains too high. This Tory-led government have done little to prevent a lost generation. Labour in Camden refuses to give up on our young people, despite losing 50 per cent of our council budget. That is why we are doing all we can – making every pound count – to equip young people …

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