Liz Kendall

Working-class woes

Ben Dilks  |  6 July 2017

Ben Dilks with the latest from the wonk world Coming just a day after the news that key backer David Sainsbury is to withdraw his financial support from party political causes, Progress included, at the end of 2017, this year’s annual conference might have been a sombre affair. Instead the atmosphere was buoyant as activists …

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Owning the past

Conor Pope  |  21 February 2017

Labour’s ‘modernisers’ must be willing to look to the past in order to build for the future, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope In their feature for this month’s Progress magazine, Ben Shimshon and Cordelia Hay lay out a few rules for progressives to start winning again in 2017, following the 2016 omnicock-up. One of …

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No crying wolf

Caroline Flint MP  |  7 February 2017

A long-term consensus on social care would be an achievement – not a betrayal, argues Caroline Flint Labour and the National Health Service go  together like bread and jam. It is part of our identity and a great illustration of our values. After all, Labour founded the NHS, rooted its principles in the heart of our political system, and is responsible for …

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More in 

Lisa Nandy MP and Liz Kendall MP  |  7 October 2016

In conversation: Liz Kendall and Lisa Nandy sit down to reflect on their own political traditions within Labour, and where the party heads next How did you come to your politics? LISA: ‘I came into parliament after nearly a decade in the voluntary sector. I think part of what motivated me was how I’d worked …

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Quips, insults and bananas

Emma Burnell  |  15 June 2016

It was an odd sort of a line up we saw on last night’s Telegraph/Huffington Post/Youtube EU debate. On the remain side we had two formidable politicians who – like it or not (and I suspect for many Progress readers the answer will be not) have had their turn at leading or seeking to lead …

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Governing for Britain

Alison McGovern MP  |  3 June 2016

Local Labour must lead the way, says Alison McGovern When the next Labour prime minister chairs their first cabinet meeting in Downing Street, the real experts in government will not be around the table. There will be precious few on Labour’s frontbench who have served as ministers, handled budgets or run departments. For first-hand experience, …

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Inheritance tax: Custer or Caesar?

Tom Railton  |  12 April 2016

The terrain of British politics is full of hills on which principled politicians can choose to die. Driven to take a stand by their consciences or their activists, or unable to tell the difference between these twin architects of electoral disaster, political parties cling to their unpopular positions in defiance of the electorate. The electorate …

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Who gains?

Liz Kendall MP  |  11 April 2016

The Tories’ capital gains tax cut reveals their true colours, writes Liz Kendall Last month’s budget was a disaster for the Tories, and more importantly failed the country. Labour should be bold in setting out our alternative vision for Britain. We want a country that is confident about coping with adversity, secure in ourselves and our …

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The new journey

Viv Pointon  |  22 March 2016

The drive through to Stoke Rochford Hall is stunning. Its grandeur was a little intimidating but I found the hall buzzing with energy and enthusiasm – so many young Labour activists! In this glorious place, redolent of the past, we debated the future. There were three themes to engage us at the Progress political weekend …

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While Labour should remember the past, we cannot live in it

Liam Martin-Lane  |  22 March 2016

‘Blair’s dated, right-wing version of Momentum are having a get together’ was how one Twitter user described to me Progress political weekend. But I and over 130 others, young as well as old, knew the reasons for attending. In this vital quest to rebuild the centre-left and make the Labour party a credible party of …

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