local government

Elephant in the room

Peter John  |  9 July 2016

Local politics shows you cannot dodge real needs —Now this may sound obvious, but the power of local government lies in the fact that it is government which is local. It needs to be responsive to the community it represents, flexible enough to meet local needs. It needs to be strong and have the vision …

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The future of devolution

Richard Leese  |  8 July 2016

A Labour government should take on the vested interests hindering devolution, writes Richard Leese Writing shortly after a vote that shows just how divided Britain is, demographically and geographically, both within places and between places, might seem an odd time to be pondering the merits of devolution. However, the referendum result also serves to highlight that, …

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‘It’s enjoyable because it’s meaningful’

Richard Angell  |  8 July 2016

Being mayor is about bringing people together, Marvin Rees tells Richard Angell On an otherwise disappointing local election results night – net losses under a new leader being a first in British politics – there were a few bright spots for Labour this May. The party retained the mayor of Salford with a new and …

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We need to take a lead

Claire Kober  |  7 July 2016

Come along to this weekend’s conference, Governing for Britain: Local answers to national questions – get your ticket here ———————————— Julia Langdon, former political editor of the Daily Mirror and Sunday Telegraph, said on Radio 4 recently that she did not want to predict what was going to happen over the next week as it …

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To listen is to learn

Jerome Neil  |  6 July 2016

Labour must be willing to listen to its leaders in local government, writes Jerome Neil ahead of the Governing of Britain conference A little under two months ago, I won a by-election in my home ward of St Helier in Merton. The by-election had been called in tragic circumstances – the untimely death of a much-loved …

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A backwards step for Plymouth

Tudor Evans  |  2 June 2016

I am writing this article as the leader of the opposition on Plymouth city council, having had the leadership of the council removed due to a coalition of Ukip and the Conservatives. When you lose the leadership of the council it is a bit like bereavement; you get the anger, and the sadness, but you …

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Modernisation, values into policy and policy into action

Richard Angell  |  16 May 2016

Comrades. Welcome to Progress annual conference – the highlight of the political calendar. Bold speakers from broad backgrounds. This year’s promises nothing less. We are honoured to be joined by not just one, but two leaders of the Labour party – Kezia Dugdale and this afternoon Jeremy Corbyn. For those worrying, I have not become …

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‘Be absolutely determined and focused on what you want’

Alison McGovern MP and Sharon Taylor  |  22 April 2016

The spirit of the New Town movement can inspire the new era of Labour in local government, leader of Stevenage borough council Sharon Taylor tells chair of Progress Alison McGovern as she tours the country meeting the Labour leaders who are governing Britain Alison McGovern: Tell me a bit about Stevenage. People obviously support Labour here, they have voted …

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Britain and the politics of place: where next for Labour?

Alison McGovern MP  |  20 April 2016

Thank you, Theo, and thank you to everyone for coming. I took over as chair of Progress late last year. An organisation with some history, having been formed in the enthusiasm for the historic Labour government that broke the tyranny of 18 years of Tory misrule. But, fundamentally, what Progress is, is a group of …

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Governing Britain: meeting aspiration

Alison McGovern MP and Peter Marland  |  20 April 2016

Leading the growing city of Milton Keynes is somewhat ‘like Sim City for real’, Peter Marland tells chair of Progress Alison McGovern as she tours the country meeting the Labour leaders who are governing Britain Alison: When you became leader what was your top priority? What was the first thing on your to do list? Peter: The living …

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