Air quality is a life or death issue for Londoners

Leonie Cooper  |  11 August 2017

Today’s environment strategy is the first step in making Sadiq Khan’s green ambition for London a reality – and there is not a garden bridge gimmick in sight, writes Leonie Cooper AM Boris Johnson’s mayoral policies were rarely dull. From the two hundred million pounds garden bridge to the ‘much needed’ Thames cable car (used by …

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Enough to live on

Fiona Twycross AM  |  4 November 2016

This week the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled the new hourly rate for the London living wage at the start of Living Wage Week. Nationally, the living wage rate has reached £8.45 per hour. In London, recognising the expenses associated with living and working in the capital, the rate has increased from £9.40 to …

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A London for the many

Danny Thorpe  |  17 August 2016

The housing crisis looms large in Greenwich, as it does the rest of London. Unsurprisingly, our most recent residents’ survey highlighted the provision of affordable, decent housing as a priority for many of our residents – people who are new to the borough and people who have lived here for years who wish that their …

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Beyond crisis

Steve Bullock  |  25 July 2016

Local Labour’s imagination and tenacity on housing must continue, writes Steve Bullock It is now a given that London has a ‘housing crisis’ – no one disputes this, and perhaps as a result too few people respond with enough urgency. In fact the situation is beyond crisis – London faces a full-blown housing emergency with 50,000 families in some sort …

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To listen is to learn

Jerome Neil  |  6 July 2016

Labour must be willing to listen to its leaders in local government, writes Jerome Neil ahead of the Governing of Britain conference A little under two months ago, I won a by-election in my home ward of St Helier in Merton. The by-election had been called in tragic circumstances – the untimely death of a much-loved …

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Time for London to ‘take back control’

Mike Katz  |  29 June 2016

After a momentous vote predicated on regaining control, it seems chaos which has the upper hand. So, amid all the tumult, it was good to see new London mayor Sadiq Khan with his eye on the ball yesterday, making a speech of fundamental importance to the future of London. As someone who has joked about …

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Beware Micawberish cosmopolitanism

Sunder Katwala  |  15 June 2016

Sadiq Khan’s victory reminds us that demographics are only partly destiny  No British politician has ever received as many votes against their name as Sadiq Khan – 1.3 million Londoners chose him to be their mayor. Headlines around the world have emphasised Khan’s Muslim faith, usually as a hopeful counterblast to those who hanker for a …

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Letter From … Bergen

Fiona Twycross AM  |  10 June 2016

Over 20 years ago, as a postgraduate studying Norwegian, it felt like a whole host of European Union-related career possibilities were closed down to me when Norway voted to stay out of the EU. In 1994 most of my Norwegian friends (holding generally socially progressive views) were opposed to joining. Among arguments used by them …

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The Housing Act – bad for all Londoners

Jas Athwal  |  20 May 2016

This week marked further disaster for London’s housing crisis. London boroughs, like the council I lead in Redbridge on London’s eastern outer edge, already, sadly, have one of the lowest levels of housing stock in London, a sad but familiar remnant of many years of Tory rule here. Thanks to the Housing and Planning Act, …

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More than luck

Leonie Cooper  |  13 May 2016

Several people since last Friday have said ‘third time lucky’ about winning the Merton and Wandsworth assembly seat – while it is true that I did stand in 2008 and 2012, luck is not why we achieved the only geographical assembly seat Labour gain in London. The main and overriding factors were the enthusiasm of the …

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