low pay

The national living wage: a smokescreen for cuts?

Siobhain McDonagh MP  |  21 July 2016

The vote to leave the European Union a few weeks ago is a great indication that there are millions of people in our country who feel that they are being left behind, not sharing in the growing prosperity of others. And they are right. Unemployment may be down according to certain definitions, but poverty certainly …

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Can the increased living wage help reduce in-work poverty?

Ben Richards and Nida Broughton  |  4 November 2015

Recent years have seen poor wage growth, with real wages falling for many workers. In addition, government cuts and benefit freezes since 2010 have contributed towards decreasing standards of living for many. Low income households also face the prospect of (possibly watered down) cuts to tax credits over the coming years. The big task the …

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It’s tax credits, stupid

John Mann MP  |  14 October 2015

Labour needs to defend low-income families The chancellor made a great play in his July budget of announcing the introduction of a new national living wage which, by April 2020, will be over £9 an hour. He claimed this would help working families earn more. However, what he did not say then, and still has …

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Tipping point

Fiona Twycross AM  |  2 September 2015

Over the past few weeks, the extent of sharp practice over service charges and tips in the restaurant trade has been exposed with some chains charging between eight per cent and 10 per cent fees for dividing tips up between staff. In the case of Las Iguanas, waiting staff are required to pay three per …

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Five giant causes

Gloria De Piero MP  |  18 August 2015

Labour’s next mission In 1942 William Beveridge identified the five ‘giant evils’ of society: squalor, ignorance, want, idleness, and disease. His proposals led to the foundation of the welfare state, and were the basis for much of what the 1945 Labour government achieved. Its successes, most notably the NHS, have stood the test of time. The next Labour government must …

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Additional family hardship on the horizon

Donald Hirsch  |  12 August 2015

Since the election an important debate has opened up over how far state benefits should be underpinning family living standards. The government is clearly trying to reduce what it sees as unnecessary dependency, including for families in low-paid work. It has approached this from multiple angles. Significantly higher minimum wages and tax allowances will increase …

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Kendall gives us a chance to get it right

Kiran Ramchandani  |  7 August 2015

As a local councillor in Harrow, I am reminded every day of the harm that this government is doing to our country. And every day I am disappointed to see the Labour party tear itself apart while the Tories continue their assault on people in my borough and get away with it. We need to …

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Kendall’s five pledges are good for the north

Rebecca Charlwood  |  5 August 2015

Labour has been in shock since May, but it is now time to start building a positive case that we can take to the electorate in five year’s time. In doing this we must strike a balance between ideological purity and a programme the electorate will support. Jon Cruddas’ research shows that voters will elect …

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Pledges for power

Alex Ross-Shaw  |  5 August 2015

The art of opposition is to credibly oppose the government of the day while positioning yourself as a legitimate government-in-waiting. You need costed, credible policies to motivate activists and signpost the future direction of your government, but not so many as to create easy targets for the sitting government to prey on. Liz Kendall’s ‘5 …

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Focus on low paid jobs should be a priority

Frank Soodeen  |  6 July 2015

The warning from the United Kingdoms’s four children’s commissioners that another 1 million children are at risk of poverty, as a result of further cuts, comes at a slightly awkward time for forecasters. Last week’s official data showing that poverty rates, except among disabled adults, remained fairly flat even after five years of austerity surprised …

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