Crowdsourcing cities

Richard Angell  |  11 December 2017

Devolution and leadership could be the key to Britain’s digital future – Richard Angell visits Andy Burnham’s digital summit in Manchester Last week, Andy Burnham opened his second ‘digital summit’ since being elected Greater Manchester mayor in May with a bold vision to make Manchester the United Kingdom’s ‘leading digital city, and top five in …

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The Last Word: IDS out

Richard Angell  |  7 July 2017

Turning Chingford and Woodford Green red, Pride in London and the tragic cost of a Tory government – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Something is happening in north-east London. The area is going Labour. Wes Streeting won the 5,000-Tory majority seat of Ilford North in 2015 with the slimmest majorities. In …

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Standing with Manchester

Richard Angell  |  23 May 2017

We are all Mancunian today. As the devastating news unfolded through the night and the horror of this vile act of terrorism became clear our thoughts are with those who are injured, the families of those who have perished and those who still cannot locate their loved ones. I cannot understand what those family members …

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Tackling urban deprivation

Alex Ganotis  |  20 October 2016

In many ways Stockport it is a microcosm of the United Kingdom as a whole, a place with widely varied employment, skills, transport and housing opportunities and outcomes. Our borough consistently ranks as one of the top five unequal places in the country, with areas the department for communities and local government assesses as falling both …

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The future of devolution

Richard Leese  |  8 July 2016

A Labour government should take on the vested interests hindering devolution, writes Richard Leese Writing shortly after a vote that shows just how divided Britain is, demographically and geographically, both within places and between places, might seem an odd time to be pondering the merits of devolution. However, the referendum result also serves to highlight that, …

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Health devolution: what could be more Labour?

Sue Murphy  |  13 April 2016

On 1 April this year, the deal for the devolution of all health and social care funding to Greater Manchester was signed. This was the culmination of more than a year of hard work, and is truly groundbreaking – local control and influence over £6bn ­­of health and social care funding. Our strategic plan has …

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What can Labour learn from local government?

Steve Reed MP  |  11 February 2016

Labour in local government is credible, relevant, and wins elections. Those are the words of Leeds city council’s deputy leader James Lewis, and I could not put it better myself. When we can describe Labour nationally in the same way, we will know we have got it right. The lesson of the 2010 and 2015 …

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Fluid English identity

Michael Taylor  |  19 August 2015

There is a headlong rush to the sunlit uplands where easy answers lay. One route is being blazed by the Corbynistas. Abler comrades than I can contribute to Progress to slay that particular dragon. Another is for a reawakening of an English identity. There are two sides to this, an organisational move to an English …

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Powering ahead

Claire Reynolds  |  2 July 2015

Labour must falter no more on real devolution —One of the few silver linings that follow a defeat as unequivocal as Labour’s in May is the window of opportunity for brutal honesty. No longer obliged to defend every letter of past leaderships, and not yet tied to the narrative of a new leader, now is the chance for brave voices within the …

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We can’t just talk to families like mine

Kevin Peel  |  12 May 2015

We lost and we lost badly and the debate has already started to determine the future direction of the party. I welcome it because we certainly did not have one last time and we cannot win again until we actually realise why we lost. I have been reading a lot of the back and forth …

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