Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher: The Honorary Jew

Jeremy Newmark  |  18 September 2017

Why it took non-Jewish Labour activist – Robert Philpot – to understand the former prime minister’s relationship with British Jewry is of interest to Jeremy Newmark As Labour’s 2017 parliamentary candidate in Finchley and Golders Green, I learned it is a constituency which attracts disproportionate media attention. Robert Philpot’s remarkably well-researched survey of Margaret Thatcher’s …

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The new ‘year zero’

Conor Pope  |  19 July 2017

The Corbynite wing of the Labour party is becoming more comfortable with shrugging off unhelpful ideological baggage in the pursuit of success, finds Conor Pope You can often learn more about a politician from a friendly interview than a hostile one. They are more likely to put their guard down and, given an open platform …

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Labour must defend Gibraltar

Andrew Apostolou  |  7 April 2017

The Conservatives have marginalised Gibraltar before and are doing so again – it falls to our party to stand up for it, argues Andrew Apostolou The Tories are already talking about war over Gibraltar less than a week after prime minister Theresa May told the rest of the European Union that ‘we want to remain committed …

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Building a Labour alternative

Renie Anjeh  |  27 March 2017

Chuka Umunna’s ‘The Labour alternative’ essay sets out broadly the right direction for Labour, but there are several glaring omissions, writes Renie Anjeh It is a great shame that Chuka Ummuna is no longer a member of the shadow cabinet. The telegenic and talented member of parliament for Streatham was a rare voice of sanity during …

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The Corbynite ideology

Richard Carr  |  3 February 2017

Brexit reveals the Labour leader’s longstanding worldview as a paradox of open borders and a closed shop economy, writes Richard Carr We live in uneasy political times. If Whitehall might be ‘muddled’ on Brexit, Labour is currently mystifying on the issue. This largely emanates from the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has been handsomely re-elected as Labour leader while holding opinions …

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Rejecting the politics of pessimism

John Denham  |  10 January 2017

Rebuilding Labour as a progressive patriotic party will need a broader foundation than Brexit, writes John Denham. This article is part of The Labour Interest series. For much of the time, political history moves incrementally. The divisive issues of one moment seem barely important a little later on. At other times – Clement Attlee’s government, the …

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Terror of the Trotskyites

Rachel Reeves MP  |  1 December 2016

Exclusive extracts from Rachel Reeves’ book on the first woman MP for Leeds reveal Alice Bacon as a fiercely loyal reformist Alice [Bacon], a young woman, a miner’s daughter and teacher, was elected as a member of parliament at the age of 35. The first female MP in Leeds, the first (with Muriel Nichol), in fact, …

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Crowded ground

Robert Philpot  |  1 November 2016

The main political parties are battling for the mantle of backward-looking politics, writes Robert Philpot Theresa May’s first speech to the Conservative party conference as prime minister constituted an audacious landgrab as she attempted to portray the Tories as the party of the working class and claim that her government represented the ‘new centre-ground’ of British politics. …

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‘Don’t leave’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  28 October 2016

Now more than ever, Labour needs its members to get stuck in, Neil Kinnock tells Richard Angell and Adam Harrison In these dark and heart-breaking times within the Labour party, Neil Kinnock stands as a beacon of hope for many. As we join him in his Westminster office, a snug end-of-corridor room crammed with memorabilia of …

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The responsibility lies with us

Allen Simpson  |  25 October 2016

I have a confession to make. Last year I put a bet on Brexit winning. To be clear – I voted for Remain, but I was almost certain that the referendum was not going to go well. The main reason for my certainty was that I had spent the previous two years knocking on hundreds …

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