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Boris’ Big Adventure

Jacqui Smith  |  6 August 2012

Boris Johnson is certainly having a ‘good Olympics’. The newspapers are full of summer stories about his potential threat to Cameron’s leadership. I’m not convinced that Mayor Johnson will become Tory leader or prime minister. First, as Steve Richards pointed out in a good Independent piece this week, there are major barriers to him even …

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Why Boris won’t be PM

Simon Griffiths  |  30 May 2012

After re-election as mayor of London Boris Johnson claimed that he is ‘definitively, categorically, emphatically’ not interested in becoming prime minister. This is certainly not true – his ambition is one of the few things that Boris-watchers agree upon – and he is now the favourite to be the next Conservative leader. Bookies put him …

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A defeat for Livingstone, not Labour

Editorial  |  6 May 2012

Ken Livingstone’s defeat in the London mayoral election on Thursday was both shocking and unsurprising. Shocking because, despite the presence of a large number of marginal seats, London remains a ‘Labour city’ as the party’s strong performance in the London assembly elections, and the narrowness of Livingstone’s eventual loss, demonstrated. Shocking, too, because, in Boris …

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Winning for Labour in London

Arjun Mittra  |  2 May 2012

They say all politics are local. In East Finchley that is almost certainly true. While we may sometimes struggle nationally to get airtime, and the mayoral campaign is being overshadowed by side issues of no real importance, voters in a small corner of north London backed the Labour party stronger than they ever have before. …

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Step forward, Labour women

Jacqui Smith  |  10 April 2012

A shortage of women candidates risks undermining the case for city mayors. I present a weekly programme on LBC 97.3 (10am-1pm on a Saturday if you fancy calling in). If you live outside London, you may only just have come across LBC. Following a lively radio debate as part of the London mayoral campaign,  Boris …

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The case for Ken

Tessa Jowell  |  3 April 2012

Ken Livingstone’s pledges are New Labour ones. This is a campaign no one can sit out, believes Tessa Jowell Who would you trust to run London in a crisis? According to Ipsos MORI, 43 per cent of Londoners would trust Ken Livingstone while only 32 per cent would trust Boris Johnson. London is in a …

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Battleground 2012

Lewis Baston  |  3 April 2012

Labour can expect to do well in local elections this year, but fortunes in London and Scotland look more uncertain, argues Lewis Baston The big contest looming over the rest of the electoral landscape this May is the election of the mayor of London. The mayoralty is powerful and London is politically marginal territory. Polls …

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We need to talk about Syria

Angela Eagle MP  |  1 March 2012

The foreign secretary updated the House this week on the situation in Syria and the whole House was appalled to learn that the Syrian government appears to be escalating repression. The Syrian government is responsible for widespread human rights crimes including the deliberate targeting of civilians and journalists. Across the region tens of thousands have …

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The year of the fightback?

Anthony Painter  |  6 February 2012

Elections in France, the US and London will test the left in 2012. How optimistic should we be, asks Anthony Painter Politically, the left has had a disastrous financial crisis. For some leftist parties in major European nations, the malaise set in before 2007. France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden fall into this category. For others …

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Town hall knows best

Editorial  |  26 January 2012

Labour should back directly elected mayors this May and press the government to devolve more powers to them It is perhaps unsurprising that Ed Miliband does not appear an enthusiast for directly elected mayors. The first holder of the post in his Doncaster constituency, Martin Winter, was expelled from the Labour party and a motion …

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