Movement for Change

How can Labour win a mandate in 2015?

Lucy Powell MP  |  20 November 2013

It is vital for Labour that we are out speaking to the country on the key issues affecting people in the run-up to the 2015 election. Whether on energy prices, taking on the vested interests in the media or in banking, Ed Miliband’s One Nation Labour is making the running. The childcare crunch facing families …

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More to politics than parliament

Jim McMahon MP  |  24 October 2013

Last week was Local Democracy Week. Here in Oldham we have a whole range of events with local people and organisations highlighting the work that councillors do to represent their interests and encourage more people to become involved in local politics. This is par for the course here in Oldham. Our council meeting is broadcast …

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Advocating culture change at every level of politics

Mike Kane MP  |  20 September 2013

It was Margaret Mead who said: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has’. I joined the Labour party in 1988 inspired by the vision of my then local MP Alf Morris who envisioned a world with greater justice for …

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Remaking Labour

Anthony Painter  |  4 September 2013

There are two futures for political parties. Only one will save Labour After the last election, Labour was a broken party. Very little thinking had been done at a senior level about models of party organisation – it is hardly stuff to set pulses racing. So a timid report, Refounding Labour, was rushed out. There …

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Community organising – what’s in it for women?

Kate Talbot  |  30 August 2013

When I was first asked to write this piece, I realised that thinking about women in the context of community organising is particularly pertinent to me: it was through a women’s safety project in Brixton that I first began to learn about Movement for Change and community organising. Back then, I didn’t really even know …

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Fighting to tackle the legal loansharks

Stella Creasy MP  |  9 August 2013

As many of Britain’s young people start university or further education, it’s hard not to worry for how many debts will make finishing a distant dream. Research shows nearly 50 per cent of students having to draw on their own earnings or turn to their family for support to finance college or university. Little surprise …

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A new chapter

Jacqui Smith  |  3 April 2013

I’m sorry to see my former cabinet colleague – and friend – David Miliband leaving parliament and the UK. He’s one of the few politicians I worked closely with who could apply Labour values in a way which felt fresh and innovative. Tony Blair was the master at this, but it is wrong to think …

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Operation Red Rose

Jennifer Mein  |  8 February 2013

Jennifer Mein on the plan to bring Lancashire back to Labour ‘This is the beginning!’ beamed David Cameron. It is 2006 in Chorley, Lancashire, and the Tory leader, fresh from a bracing helicopter flight across the country, was addressing Lancastrian Conservative activists the morning after the night before. They had just taken control of Chorley …

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Fired up and ready to go?

Simon Redfern  |  30 October 2012

By a lucky quirk of fate I’ve just spent ten days on the campaign trail for President Obama in Ohio, that most tricky of swing states right up at the topmost edge of the US. I’ve been able to see a couple of campaigning legends in action:  Siobhan and Margaret McDonagh led a team of …

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Get organised – the prize is worth the struggle

Mathew Lawrence  |  30 September 2012

Joe Hill, the Swedish-American trade unionist, wrote a last letter to his fellow members shortly before he faced the firing squad in Utah in 1915.  What Joe Hill told his supporters contains a truth still relevant for us today when confronting the coalition’s failing deficit strategy, its hollowing out of Britain’s remaining social-democratic settlement and …

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