The Rage

Adam Barnett  |  5 October 2017

Julia Ebner’s armoury of critical thought – and willingness to humanise even her deadliest enemies – is what makes her well-sourced book so deserving of an audience, writes Adam Barnett The Rage – out today from IB Tauris – is part dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox, the slain member of parliament who suffered the kind of …

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The nationalists only have to win once

Gemma Doyle  |  4 August 2015

Being a member of the Labour party can feel a bit like round after round of self-flagellation at the moment. But spare a thought for us Scots. Not for us the luxury of five years for a full rethink and rebuild. The Scottish National Party juggernaut rolls on and the next elections to the Scottish …

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Pride (in the name of love)

Mark Rusling  |  23 April 2015

National pride has always been a vexed issue for the left. Too culturally close to patriotism to admire and too politically close to nationalism to emulate, we have too often ceded it to the right. Orwell summed it up for most of us when he said ‘Patriotism is of its nature defensive, both militarily and …

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Labour is the only party that can rebuild our nations

John Denham  |  23 April 2015

St George’s Day falls just two weeks before the election. After a poisonous and divisive Tory Scottish National party campaign the scale of the challenge facing Ed Miliband on 8th May – to rebuild both England and the union – is becoming clear. Forget the spurious row about Labour’s ‘dependence’on the SNP. There is no …

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The year the BNP died

Matthew Goodwin  |  12 December 2014

Matthew Goodwin charts the sharp decline of Nick Griffin’s former party Nick Griffin used to tell his supporters that a crisis would bring them to power. Only when the economy had collapsed and the established political class had been discredited would voters turn to the radical and revolutionary aspirations of the British National party. It …

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Mercurial men

Hopi Sen  |  13 November 2014

Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage were political twins You will not find many references to Nigel Farage in Alex Salmond’s political obituaries. He and the leader of the United Kingdom Independence party are hardly bosom buddies. Salmond thinks Farage a backward-looking ‘little Englander’. Farage thinks Salmond fuels anti-English nationalism which abuses opponents. Yet, as Salmond …

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Why ‘two states’ is the only solution

John Lyndon  |  31 January 2014

The news that Peter Hain has put his weight behind the so-called one-state ‘solution’, is disappointing, coinciding as it does with the first efforts in over three years for Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate the only solution that promises to end this tragic conflict. The two-state solution is the only one that a majority of …

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The dangers of Tory populism

Tristram Hunt MP  |  23 January 2013

‘No government can exist which does not control and restrain the popular sentiments.’ So said Robert Peel, who knew a thing or two about Tory party splits. However, clearly our tantric prime minister knows better – this morning David Cameron finally delivered his ‘jinxed’ speech on Europe, committing Britain to an in-out referendum soon after …

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London 2012 – the fallout

Ken Skates AM  |  14 August 2012

The Olympics have in many surprising and unexpected ways been an extraordinary event. The vibrancy of the games has been amazing, from the atmosphere and the competition through to the sheer numbers of individuals from so many countries that have attended or volunteered at the events themselves. I can’t honestly say I’ve been a huge …

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Let’s be patriotic!

Wayne David MP  |  1 March 2012

Today is St David’s Day. As a proud Welshman sporting a daffodil on my lapel, I plan to attend a St David’s Day service in Westminster, and throughout the ‘Land of my Fathers’ there will be innumerable events celebrating the history and culture of Wales. In Scotland on 30 November, St Andrew’s Day will be …

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