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Keith Dibble  |  6 December 2010

In the 1990s Keith Dibble was at the heart of taking Labour into ‘unwinnable' seats - and capturing them. Now, with Progress, he relaunches Third Place First, the campaign for the party to rebuild its presence throughout the country.

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Southern discomfort revisited?

Deborah Mattinson  |  12 October 2010

In the miserable aftermath of the 1992 election defeat, I ran swing voter focus groups in Gravesham, Harlow, Luton South, Slough and Stevenage - five marginal seats that Labour failed to win. My aim was to explore what went wrong.

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How to oppose

Greg Rosen  |  26 September 2010

Greg Rosen looks into Labour's history to find that the new leader must be quick to define himself - before the coalition does - seizing the occasion of the CSR to do so.

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New girl in the Lords

Dianne Hayter  |  30 June 2010

Most new MPs settle into the Commons after weeks of concerted work to get selected, followed by months of hard foot-slogging to get elected. They must be exhausted, if exhilarated, as they emerge into the sunshine from Westminster tube station.

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Learning from Labour history

Greg Rosen  |  24 June 2010

Greg Rosen surveys Labour's history for lessons in how it can make the most of opposition, including coming to terms with why too few voters backed it at the last election

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New Labour, new country

Roger Liddle  |  7 June 2010

As the hair shirts come out in the leadership contest, Roger Liddle says New Labour leaves a legacy of achievement on which the next generation must build

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