New Hampshire

Letter From … New Hampshire

Charlie Samuda  |  7 November 2016

To get a sense of just how hard it is to be a Republican in a down-ticket race this election, consider the fate of Kelly Ayotte. The junior senator from New Hampshire was first elected in 2010 and is running for a second term against the current Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan. Donald Trump’s nomination presented her with a dilemma: standing too …

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Where did all the good presidents go?

Adam Swersky  |  17 February 2016

An ad pipes up on the radio in Manchester, New Hampshire: ‘Celebrate Presidents’ Day with us – we’re talking about the good presidents, not the current lot screaming for the job’. When a donut chain is decrying the decline of American politics, the world’s last superpower has a problem. The ever-present American donut is actually …

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Comeback Hill

Robert Philpot  |  29 January 2016

Hillary Clinton may yet show that precedents are there to be broken, writes Robert Philpot It was once an apparently iron law of American politics that you could not make it to the White House without first winning the New Hampshire primary. Not everybody who managed to persuade the voters of this small north-eastern state to …

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A chance to break tradition in Iowa

Joel Braunold  |  4 January 2012

By a mere eight votes Mitt Romney may be the first Republican presidential candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. This is, of course, if he can stop Newt’s kamikaze mission to implode his candidacy. In a night that was decided by eight votes, Rick Santorum surge came at the exactly right time to …

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Resistable force V moveable object

Frank Spring  |  20 December 2011

The GOP primary next month may not feature the classic campaign conflict of momentum versus organisation – indeed, it could well descend into a case of inertia versus disorganisation. Organisation and momentum are not mutually exclusive, of course; in tandem, they are incredibly powerful (witness Obama 2008). Some campaigns never have much of either (wave …

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Will they back Bachmann?

Frank Spring  |  21 June 2011

Frank Spring looks over the current Republican frontrunners - can Bachmann capitalise on an early success? Will the party stick with the solid Romney as the only candidate who can beat Obama? Who else might join the race?

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