New Labour

Not the New Socialism

Tom Harris  |  9 December 2010

Twenty-nine per cent of the vote - and it could have been worse if Cameron hadn't run such a rubbish campaign. Twenty-nine per cent! Barely one point more than Michael Foot's Labour party got in 1983, and we didn't even have a historically-long suicide note as an excuse.

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New or Future Socialism?

David Mentiply  |  8 December 2010

In a recent article, Neal Lawson and John Harris argue that the Labour party must take up a 'New Socialism' that better fits the times we live in. To be sure, times have changed since the early days of New Labour and particularly since the recession, and we must adapt accordingly. But New Socialism isn't the solution.

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The new socialism

Neal Lawson and John Harris  |  3 December 2010

Twenty-nine per cent of the vote and it could have been worse if Cameron hadn't run such a rubbish campaign. 29 per cent! It's up there (or down there, if you like) with the Swedish Social Democrats on 30 per cent, the German SPD on 23 per cent and the Dutch PvdA on 20 per cent. This is not coincidence.

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The left’s annus horribilis

Editorial  |  1 December 2010

Defeat for the Democrats brings yet more sobering lessons for progressives towards the end of 2011, a tumultuous year for the left to which the financial crisis has brought more difficult questions than easy answers.

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Labour’s to lose

Danny Phillips  |  10 November 2010

All smart bets are on Iain Gray beating Alex Salmond at the 2011 Scottish parliamentary elections and becoming Scotland's next first minister. This election, if commentators are to be believed, is Labour's to lose. The party should beware a Salmond-led insurgency.

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The New Machiavelli. Or, How to be an adviser?

Blair McDougall  |  2 November 2010

Jonathan Powell's new book about his experiences as chief of staff to Tony Blair is an attempt to dispel myths and misunderstandings. On one level, Powell wants to champion Machiavelli's misunderstood teachings through the prism of recent political history...

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Reviewing the situation

Editorial  |  1 November 2010

Ed Miliband may not have been elected leader of the Labour party with the strongest of mandates, but his first month at the helm has been one that should give cause for cautious optimism. Alan Johnson's appointment as shadow chancellor and Miliband's early parliamentary exchanges, for instance, suggest a political dexterity that could stand Labour in good stead.

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Lose the jobs agnosticism

Josie Cluer  |  22 October 2010

Labour must be bold about the economy it wants to grow, and the work we want to do.

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What Ed could learn from Tony (Abbott)

Samuel Walker  |  19 October 2010

The similarities between UK Labour in opposition and former Australian PM John Howard's Liberal party in opposition under near-victorious Tony Abbott are more striking than one might first imagine, and there are lessons to be learned...

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The era of low predictability

Tom Brooks Pollock and Richard Angell  |  23 September 2010

History tells us that when Labour loses an election, it goes on to lose even more badly next time. How to buck this trend? By remaining New Labour, says Tony Blair, adding the next election is entirely winnable in these unpredictable times

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