Winter crisis is coming

Martin Edobor  |  21 November 2017

We should be prepared for the NHS to be let down again by this week’s budget, writes Martin Edobor On BBC’s Andrew Marr show this Sunday, chancellor Philip Hammond appeared to have lost touch with reality, stating that the United Kingdom has no unemployed people. Marr appeared stone-faced and baffled, immediately challenging Hammond and highlighting that …

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We will not be bounced

Paul Williams MP and Phil Wilson MP  |  20 November 2017

An arbitrary leaving date risks a triple whammy for the north-east: loss of trade, loss of people who do vital jobs and a contracting economy, believe Paul Williams and Phil Wilson As new Brexit evidence emerges, we have to be honest with our electorate – however difficult that might be for us or for them. …

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Save Charing Cross hospital

Andy Slaughter MP  |  1 November 2017

Jeremy Hunt’s hubristic attempt to asset-strip the National Health Service must be defeated. That starts with halting the demolition of Charing Cross hospital, writes Andy Slaughter MP The planned demise of Charing Cross hospital, founded 200 years ago next year and now a world-class teaching and specialist hospital with 360 acute beds, would be both a …

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Tackling childhood tooth decay

Steve McCabe MP  |  1 November 2017

The health and wellbeing of millions of children is being impaired by poor oral health. Steve McCabe MP sets out how to address this growing public health issue in three simple steps Childhood tooth decay represents a major public health issue which is in real danger of being overlooked at a time when the National Health Service is underfunded …

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Welsh Labour leading the way

Vaughan Gething AM  |  12 October 2017

Organ donation is a start but there is much more that Theresa May and the Conservatives can learn from Welsh Labour, argues Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething AM  In the middle of the chaos, the coughing and the catastrophe, Theresa May did actually manage to splutter out a couple of interesting things in her now infamous …

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Talk of crisis

Luciana Berger MP  |  10 October 2017

Not even the most senior family court judge in the country can get patients a mental health bed, argues Luciana Berger Mental health is on the lips of prime ministers and future kings. Mental health has gone mainstream. We must celebrate that, because the more we talk about mental health, the fewer the number of people who …

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Empty words on mental health

Lizzy Dobres  |  10 October 2017

Theresa May promised to tackle the ‘burning injustice’ of mental health. For the sake of employees, their families and businesses, she must turn that promise into action, writes Lizzy Dobres Today is World Mental Health day, and we are reminded once again that one in four of us will suffer a mental health problem at …

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No parity

Joanne Harding  |  10 October 2017

The government’s empty words on mental health resources are being exposed, explains Joanne Harding As a mental health professional, I support people in crisis every day. As a local councillor and health scrutiny chair, I have read countless strategies outlining the vision and commitment to achieving the holy grail of parity of esteem between physical and …

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Lift the cap

Anna Lynch and Danielle Tiplady  |  4 September 2017

One per cent pay restraint is harming nurses, their families and the whole NHS, write Anna Lynch and Danielle Tiplady One of us trained to be a nurse under a Labour government and, as a student nurse, the pay cap for nurses was not just scrapped by Labour, it was blown out of the water with a …

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General practice in decline

Martin Edobor  |  4 August 2017

Instead of fixing Britain’s unprecedented GP shortage, Jeremy Hunt has buried his head in the sand, argues Martin Edobor  At 7am my daily morning ritual begins. It ends with a quick fruit over BBC morning news and a check to ensure I have my stethoscope and ID badge. Today I arrive at the health centre …

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