Northern Ireland

Stormont, Northern Ireland

Stormy times

Adrianne Peltz  |  4 April 2017

Unionists have lost their Stormont majority for the first time as uncertainty grows, writes Adrianne Peltz Last month saw voters in Northern Ireland return to the ballot boxes for the second assembly elections in the space of just 10 months. Northern Ireland’s democracy has a reputation for being difficult to explain to outsiders – as the media …

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Stormont, Northern Ireland

The death of devolution?

Barry Turley  |  12 January 2017

Many nationalists have come to the conclusion that devolution does not work and that remaining within the UK holds no appeal, writes Barry Turley I have spent my whole adult life working within and around the Northern Ireland peace process. Since the mid 1990’s I have been privileged to have a close view of the momentous …

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Britain is more than just its past

Rachael Saunders  |  31 October 2016

I really welcome the debate that has been led by John Denham and others, about Englishness and national identity. I am proud of where I am from, and I am about an English as it is possible to be. My grandparents were from Barnsley, Manchester, Warrington and London. I am also classically English in that if …

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Stormont, Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland elephant in the room

Peter Hain  |  15 June 2016

While Brexiteers bury their heads in the sand over the consequences of leaving for the island of Ireland, important voices insist these could be very serious. The Taoiseach Enda Kenny is visiting Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow at the end of this week to urge both half a million-plus Irish people in Britain, and voters in …

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A vote to remain is best for Northern Ireland

Alasdair McDonnell MP  |  17 March 2016

Membership of the European Union has been hugely beneficial for Northern Ireland and critical in helping the transformation that our society has undergone since 1998. The SDLP is firmly and unambiguously campaigning for a vote to remain in the EU in the critical referendum vote, now fewer than 100 days away. We in Northern Ireland …

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Three lessons learned about Ireland, Brexit and referendums

Pat McFadden MP  |  28 January 2016

I have recently returned from a short trip to Dublin where I had been invited to speak to the Institute of International and European Affairs in Dublin about Brexit and what the consequences could be for the British-Irish relationship. There are three main things I learned on the trip. 1. Ireland is worried about Brexit …

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Northern Ireland minus Peter Robinson

Peter Hain  |  11 January 2016

Northern Ireland minus Peter Robinson, who steps down as first minister today, will inevitably be different. Having helped negotiate the historic settlement that brought bitter old enemies to share government together in 2007, it was always clear to me that Peter Robinson was the crucial unionist navigator. It would not – indeed could not – have …

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Equality for all

Stephen Twigg MP  |  29 October 2015

We must not forget the equalities legislation passed under the Labour government, writes Stephen Twigg One of the finest achievements of the last Labour government was comprehensive legislation to tackle discrimination, promote equality and protect human rights. However, after September 11 the world became more challenging and the focus shifted markedly from liberty to security. …

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How New Labour built one nation

Giles Radice  |  18 July 2014

Labour needs to remember its considerable achievements in power, believes Giles Radice When on the morning of 12 May 1994 the tragic news broke of John Smith’s death, it became almost immediately obvious that the charismatic shadow home secretary, Tony Blair, then only 41, would become his successor. Under Blair’s leadership, the Labour party went …

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Back to the brink

Peter Hain  |  9 June 2014

Securing redress and justice for victims of the Troubles Labour’s 1998 Good Friday Agreement, and the historic 2007 settlement which established devolved government with old enemies sharing power, has now delivered seven years of peace and stability nobody imagined possible amid the terror and mayhem of the Troubles. Yet ‘the past’ continues to haunt Northern …

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