Northern Ireland

Boring up North

Paul Hagan  |  24 May 2011

The Northern Ireland assembly election may have been 'boring' - a relief in some ways - with the smaller centrist parties still struggling to find their voice and Peter Robinson back reigning supreme.

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Scotland result is less surprising than appears

Denis MacShane MP  |  6 May 2011

Can we calm down on Scotland? To anyone from Spain (Catalonia), Canada (Quebec), Italy (Northern League), Germany (Bavaria), or Belgium (Flanders) the only question would be why did it take so long?

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England left forward

David Dyke  |  23 April 2011

When I read the arguments surrounding Blue Labour and the Purple Book and how Labour needs to reconnect with voters in England, I always find myself drawn back to an article written by Harry Reid on the Herald Scotland website on 11 May 2010:

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Full and equal citizens

Adam Hug  |  17 December 2010

For too long the significant challenges facing Israel's Arab citizens have been obscured for the international observers by the all-too-pressing concerns of the conflict, yet this is gradually changing due to recognition of the growing tensions between Israel's Jewish and Arab communities.

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The era of coalitions

John Curtice  |  8 December 2010

First past the post is no longer able to deliver a two-party political system, whatever boundary changes the coalition succeeds in making. John Curtice explains why hung parliaments are set to become increasingly common

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New or Future Socialism?

David Mentiply  |  8 December 2010

In a recent article, Neal Lawson and John Harris argue that the Labour party must take up a 'New Socialism' that better fits the times we live in. To be sure, times have changed since the early days of New Labour and particularly since the recession, and we must adapt accordingly. But New Socialism isn't the solution.

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A new generation for Scotland

Danny Phillips  |  30 November 2010

Today is the St Andrew's Day before the 2011 Scottish parliament elections. It is an apt moment to reflect on the future for Scotland and ask not: why do Scots want independence, but why don't they?

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Harman vs Cameron

Teddy Ryan and Samuel Walker  |  17 November 2010

After yesterday's government National Bury Bad News day, Harriet Harman took on the prime minister on the coming cuts to police numbers, while the Labour backbenchers get their chanting voices in tune for Andy Coulson

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Only part of the picture

Charles Falconer  |  17 September 2010

Charlie Falconer reviews Peter Mandelson's ‘The Third Man' and finds there is much more in both his and Brown and Blair's achievements that is lost in this account from inside the heart of New Labour.

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PMQs: dodging the Qs?

Our reviewers watching today's PMQs are divided over who won, though Harman's admin costs question may not have been the best line of attack. On the government side, planted 'Big Society' questions are very much the flavour of the week.

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