Reorganising and refreshing Whitehall

Derek Wyatt  |  13 August 2012

We created the Office of Communications – Ofcom to you and me – after a long pregnancy in 2003. It combined all of the previous regulators: the Broadcasting Standards Commission, the Independent Television Commission, Oftel, the Radio Authority and the Radiocommunications Agency. It didn’t know what to do with the internet and so it was …

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Attlee’s Olympics

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  8 August 2012

‘May the weather be fine, the events well contested and may records be broken.’  With these words, British prime minister Clement Attlee welcomed the competitors to the London Olympics when he broadcast to the nation on 28 July 1948. ‘May they take from Britain happy memories which will be a source of joy to them …

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Olympics, NBC and tragedies in America

Joel Braunold  |  7 August 2012

As a Brit in the USA, watching the Olympics has been a chore. The much-maligned NBC coverage that misses moments of silence for 7/7 does not care for any team but the USA and refusing to broadcast live coverage except for ad-heavy live streaming is appalling. One can understand the economic argument for NBC who …

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A new dawn has broken, has it not?

Stephen Bush  |  7 August 2012

There is a sea-change across London: watching the Games on the big screen in Hyde Park, at Wembley, on the banks of Eton Dorney, there is a new mood of optimism and unity. It’s like the entire city is pleasantly drunk; everyone’s in a good mood – just yesterday, I had a conversation with a …

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Learn from Team GB to change Britain

Denis MacShane MP  |  6 August 2012

Soon this glorious summer of medals will turn into a winter of three discontents – no growth except in poverty, cuts in public services that will bite, and poisonous politics as Tories and Lib Dems bicker while Boris plans Dave’s ousting. There is Team GB everywhere except where we it need most – in the …

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Boris’ Big Adventure

Jacqui Smith  |  6 August 2012

Boris Johnson is certainly having a ‘good Olympics’. The newspapers are full of summer stories about his potential threat to Cameron’s leadership. I’m not convinced that Mayor Johnson will become Tory leader or prime minister. First, as Steve Richards pointed out in a good Independent piece this week, there are major barriers to him even …

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The Olympic catalyst

Guy Nicholson  |  31 July 2012

As Friday night’s extraordinary opening ceremony for the 30th Olympiad unfolded it drew a line beneath the first chapter of an equally extraordinary ten year journey for Hackney and east London. It also definitively opened the next. In what seems like the blink of an eye, ten years of talking legacy alongside delivering the Games, …

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Olympic legacy and community resilience

Robin Wales  |  27 July 2012

Tonight, Newham in east London will welcome the world to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Billions of people will watch Danny Boyle’s vision light up this corner of the capital as we celebrate everything that is good about modern Britain. I wish all the members of Team GB the very best. However, as …

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Investing in sporting success

Gerry Sutcliffe MP  |  27 July 2012

Bradley Wiggins’ recent success in becoming the first British rider to win the Tour de France must rank as one of the greatest sporting achievements by a British athlete; the success of Team Sky Pro Cycling one of the greatest sporting achievements by a British team. It follows on from British cycling’s phenomenal success in …

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No time for grumbling!

Jacqui Smith  |  23 July 2012

In adulthood, there are few events which rekindle the childlike excitement and breathless anticipation that Christmas or a birthday party prompted when you were a child. This week, I feel that tingle again as I think about the Olympics. I am beyond excited about the fact that the event that has always kept me glued …

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