G4S and the Shambolympics

Keith White  |  20 July 2012

Watching the media leap on the failing carcass of G4S’s contract to provide security to the Olympics will probably, for many, have felt like watching the brilliant BBC comedy Twenty Twelve expecting at any moment to see Hugh Bonneville appear and say in an understated way ‘so that’s all good then’. However the commentary – …

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Something to say

Paul Richards  |  13 July 2012

Tony Blair has been advising the Labour party what to do since the 1970s. Since leaving office, having never lost an election, he continued to advise Labour, not least in his colossus of a memoir. It sold millions of copies across the world, in many languages, including Chinese. All of the proceeds go to the …

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Progress  |  1 July 2012

A foothold for Labour We targeted four wards and set a target of 12 councillors. One leading member of the shadow cabinet who visited Aldershot and Farnborough said this was wildly optimistic. It was optimistic and yet we came within five votes of becoming a group of 12. We campaigned in our target wards from …

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Olympics are a blueprint

Tessa Jowell  |  15 June 2012

The story of the Olympic construction is a success story for British business. A project twice the size of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was built in half the time and half a billion pounds under budget. It was also a success story in terms of the benefit that it brought to the nation. Seventy-five pence in …

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Defending moderate trade unionism

Luke Akehurst  |  29 February 2012

The interview the Guardian carried today with Unite general secretary Len McCluskey is worth a close read. I declare a few interests that will be familiar to regular readers. I am a Unite member and have been since 1995. Until 2009 I was heavily involved in the political structures of the union, serving on its …

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From the NHS to Iran

David Talbot  |  20 February 2012

The future of the United Kingdom, the economy placed on negative outlook, visits to the Vatican, Paris and Edinburgh – parliament may have been in recess last week but politics continued apace. They return to Westminster today facing a packed parliamentary agenda, not least the ongoing saga of Andrew Lansley’s NHS reforms. The beleaguered health …

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Doing more on employee volunteering

Tom Levitt  |  8 November 2011

The chief executive of a charity which organises business mentors to work with struggling charities and social enterprises felt let down when he read the sting in the tail of the Social Action Fund application form. By sponsoring a diversity of innovative approaches to motivate ‘the giving of time, money, knowledge and assets’ the Fund …

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Building the cooperative society

Jim McMahon MP  |  13 October 2011

Taking power is a sobering experience for any Labour councillor. Not only do you have responsibilities to your own communities, but for the party nationally for the next four years you are also the public face of Labour in power. As part of our back-to-the-floor initiative I spent a morning on the switchboard here in …

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Reclaiming the ‘big society’

Terry Philpot  |  24 May 2011

If the ‘big society' is about the Tories' stealing Labour's clothes, Labour must reclaim by accepting the Tories' terms, says Terry Philpot following this week's Progress annual conference

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Open Europe?

Denis MacShane MP  |  14 May 2011

The row over open border Europe is not about bringing back thousands of frontier crossing points with queues snaking along the French coast or down from the Mont Blanc tunnel as holidaymakers wait for hours to have their cars searched for dark-skinned passengers before being allowed to drive to their preferred destinations.

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