Missing the wood for the trees

Tom Bage  |  17 February 2011

Youth unemployment is a subject close to Ed Miliband's heart. His supporters, young themselves but now gainfully employed in the upper echelons of the Labour party, will tell you that it's a topic their leader understands.

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A game of two halves

Callum Munro  |  16 February 2011

The newest member of Labour's National Executive Commitee casts his eye over today's PMQs and sees something of a score draw emerge

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Fighting antisemitism

Danny Stone  |  27 January 2011

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Danny Stone reports on the work that is being done to combat antisemitism on the internet, in universities and sport - and within political parties' campaigns.

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The 25th hour

Tessa Jowell  |  3 November 2010

The 25th Hour Campaign was originally conceived by Labour in government as a way of encouraging people to give their time in the run-up to the Olympics - a great motivational event to inspire volunteering. We are putting it into action.

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