No utopia

Jonathan Todd  |  7 November 2017

Business realism must find new and resonant voice amid Brexit delusions, writes Jonathan Todd Both the libertarian right and the Bennite left see their utopias through the kaleidoscope of Britain’s exit from the European Union. They cannot both be right. The damage to the United Kingdom’s trade and fiscal positions that is likely to accompany …

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What would Jeremy do?

The Progressive  |  20 July 2017

Being in the minority does not mean you are wrong, but that your time may come again If there is one lesson from the extraordinary rise of Jeremy Corbyn, it is not that we progressives should bend before his altar in the name of unity; it is the exact opposite. Corbyn’s career since the 1970s …

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The nightmare scenario

Andrew Harrop  |  22 October 2015

‘English Votes for English Laws’ has always been seen within Labour ranks as a cynical, partisan Tory ploy. In origin it was, of course: one part of a gerrymanderer’s charter that includes boundary changes, individual electoral registration and extending the overseas franchise. But here’s the thing. EVEL no longer really offers the Conservatives an advantage …

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How to Be a Parliamentary Researcher

Sadie Smith  |  12 October 2015

As a staffer for a member of parliament, how do you organise a parliamentary office or write a speech to be delivered in the chamber? Who do you call when you are flying solo and have managed to lose 50 constituents somewhere between Westminster Hall and the tea room? How to respond when the local …

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Honourable Friends? Parliament and the Fight for Change

Jamie Reed MP  |  29 April 2015

A few years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Caroline Lucas about a subject we both care about and have a history of involvement with – nuclear energy. It was a wide-ranging interview. During it, I found Lucas to be engaging, warm and polite to the point of being pleasant. The tape was lost …

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The lobotomised parliament

Paul Flynn  |  30 March 2015

The reward for the victors of the 2010 general election was paid in a devalued currency. The status of the job of a member of parliament had been stripped of its high prestige by the expenses scandal. The default press and public image was one of ridicule and contempt. The prime task of the new …

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Cameron, Clarkson and the Chipping Norton way

Jamie Reed MP  |  27 March 2015

Rightwing controversy-seeking television presenter Jeremy Clarkson was sacked by the BBC this week after an internal report undertaken by the corporation found that the self-styled warrior against political correctness physically and verbally assaulted a TV producer. Goodbye, Mr Chips The Guardian reported that ‘Clarkson was said to have been unhappy after being offered a cold …

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Let the cameras into the Commons – don’t cover up what it is really like

Sally Gimson  |  25 March 2015

It was the final prime minister’s questions of this parliament today, the last Commons debate ever probably between Ed Miliband and David Cameron. Members of parliament were boisterous and rowdy. Just 43 days to go to the general election and on 30 March parliament is dissolved. Many go back to fight for an uncertain future in …

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Tories are trying to avoid the argument altogether

Angela Eagle MP  |  12 March 2015

At business questions this week I raised the government’s track record of avoiding scrutiny. On the European arrest warrant, on the Agricultural Wages Board and now on plain packaging of cigarettes, instead of trying to win the argument they just try to avoid having it altogether. Last week, the government rejected our request for a …

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Grand committee musical chairs

Thom Brooks  |  5 February 2015

The Tories have let slip their deeply flawed plans for devolution on English matters. William Hague announced that the government proposes a new committee stage, referred to as an English grand committee. This new grand committee would meet to consider any bill or any part of a bill affecting England that is put to a …

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