Pat McFadden

Nationalism or the national interest

Pat McFadden MP  |  11 July 2017

The Brexit choice is clear, and voices within Labour will continue to push for the economic interests of the country, writes Pat McFadden MP Before the general election it looked as though the United Kingdom’s Brexit path was clear: nationalist ideology would trump economic interest. There would be no single market, whatever the damage, no …

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The Last Word: Be counted

Richard Angell  |  21 April 2017

Join the Progress team this weekend out on the #labourdoorstep in the West Midlands, Hove, Wirral and across London – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word This is going to be one of the strangest general elections ever. We all know how 2015 went when Labour started the campaign ahead in the …

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Corbyn’s fragile grip loosens

Conor Pope  |  13 February 2017

Compared to past reshuffles, Jeremy Corbyn’s latest shows him at his weakest, writes Progress deputy editor Conor Pope This is the fifth shadow cabinet reshuffle since Jeremy Corbyn became leader just 17 months ago, and the first that I have not had to cover as a reporter. It has not been the most eventful of his term …

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The new journey

Viv Pointon  |  22 March 2016

The drive through to Stoke Rochford Hall is stunning. Its grandeur was a little intimidating but I found the hall buzzing with energy and enthusiasm – so many young Labour activists! In this glorious place, redolent of the past, we debated the future. There were three themes to engage us at the Progress political weekend …

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While Labour should remember the past, we cannot live in it

Liam Martin-Lane  |  22 March 2016

‘Blair’s dated, right-wing version of Momentum are having a get together’ was how one Twitter user described to me Progress political weekend. But I and over 130 others, young as well as old, knew the reasons for attending. In this vital quest to rebuild the centre-left and make the Labour party a credible party of …

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Labour must show leadership on the EU

Pat McFadden MP  |  13 March 2016

It is good to be here at Progress. Good to be among an audience that takes pride in Labour’s achievements in government and wants to get back there again. Good to be with friends who see building a winning coalition and governing the country not as the desertion of Labour’s principles but as the means …

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Cameron gives the hard sell on EU membership

Emma Reynolds MP  |  23 February 2016

There was a strange dynamic in the House of Commons chamber yesterday afternoon. A prime minister, who has consistently called himself a Eurosceptic, doing the hard sell on British membership of the European Union. Flanked by a recent pro-European convert, Theresa May, and the earliest ‘outer’ in his Cabinet, Chris Grayling, who deliberately left enough …

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Haters gonna hate

The Insider  |  2 February 2016

It has been a fun few weeks for the Labour party, hasn’t it? Let’s briefly recap. Before Christmas this column identified Tom Watson, Angela Eagle and Hilary Benn as the three most direct threats to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Entirely unrelatedly, over Christmas the leadership of the party chose to undermine Benn and Maria Eagle, for the …

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Labour must lead in making the positive case for Europe

Christabel Cooper  |  5 October 2015

There are many uncertainties facing Labour at the moment, but we now know that one of them will not be the party’s position on the European Union referendum. At the Labour Movement for Europe rally in Brighton, there was a sense of elated relief that Labour will definitely be campaigning to remain in the EU …

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Labour need to focus on the future

Christabel Cooper  |  10 September 2015

The Progress West Midlands conference in the West Midlands addressed several of the major issues facing the Labour party at the moment: how Labour can regain its reputation for economic credibility, whether devolution can work for England, whether Britain should leave the European Union, and perhaps the biggest of all – why we lost the …

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