The SNP don’t have a clue on pensions

Jim Murphy MP  |  23 April 2014

Gordon Brown has shown once again why he is such a formidable politician. The Scottish National party wants to talk about anything except what this referendum will really mean for hard-working Scots – but last night that is exactly what Gordon did. Gordon knows that when it comes to pensions, people want confidence and security …

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A dozen reasons to be cheerful

John McTernan  |  18 April 2014

In his weekly column, the Last Word, John McTernan shares a dozen reasons to be cheerful. One, Labour has had a poll lead in YouGov for 29 months. Of course, no one pays attention to the day-to-day polls. The only poll that matters is the general election etc. etc. Still, a lead is a lead, and …

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Matching Osborne’s moves

The Insider  |  8 April 2014

Fear is the constant companion of Labour in opposition. We become nervous when our poll leads shrink and the memory of lost elections past is summoned from our collective recall. Are we as secure and as safe from political earthquakes as we need to be to win? Last summer, as Labour seemed to falter, the …

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Pensions: the personal freedom dilemma

Edward Davie  |  26 March 2014

Tory budget changes to pensions have left Labour in a quandary about whether to back greater individual freedom or defend a policy that creates a more stable society. This kind of dilemma is nothing new and reading Robert Skidelsky’s biography of John Maynard Keynes I am struck by how little the political tension between individual …

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An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pension

Mark Rusling  |  13 March 2014

Among the news this week, you might have missed one seemingly unimportant piece. Eric Pickles’ department has decided that English councillors, GLA members and the mayor of London will be forced to leave the local government pension scheme from May. Unlike members of parliament and, bizarrely, police and crime commissioners, councillors are deemed by Pickles …

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Hard won, easily lost

Gregg McClymont MP  |  12 March 2014

Hard won and easily lost, credibility is an asset that all government ministers covet. Without it, they find themselves defenceless as confidence drains away. This is the danger Steve Webb now faces. When the government announced the move to a flat rate state pension reform many in the pensions world cheered. A simplified state pension …

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Defending the investments of the low paid

Phil Wilson MP  |  5 February 2014

Over the decades the Labour movement has always championed workers’ rights. But we must also champion the rights of working people as capital holders, as investors in the stock market, especially through their pension savings. This is why today I introduced my investment management (fiduciary duties) bill to the House of Commons. The pensions fund …

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Pensions fit for the 21st century? Reforming the saving habit and increasing contributions

Simon Jeffrey  |  11 September 2013

Pensions fit for the 21st century? Reforming the saving habit and increasing contributions Wednesday 11 September, 6.30pm Council Room, One Great George Street, Westminster, SW1P 3AA John Hutton Peer and former work and pensions secretary Gregg McClymont MP Shadow pensions minister Dame Anne Begg MP Chair, work and pensions select committee Huw Evans Operations director, …

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It’s about saving, stupid!

Helen Gibson  |  28 August 2013

I have been talking about pensions to anyone who’ll listen for some time. The ‘You Only Live Once’ generation are particularly at risk here. Many of us are prioritising paying off debts related to university ahead of saving, while others are scrimping and saving for that all-important deposit for our first shoebox in zone 8; …

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Saving grace

Helen Gibson  |  7 June 2013

How to build a financially resilient and literate society —One of the greatest, though largely overlooked, achievements of the last Labour government was the introduction of automatic enrolment – an obligation on all employers to enrol staff earning above £9,440 a year into a pension scheme, and make a contribution to their pension pot. Its …

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