Peter Mandelson

Downing Street squatter

Richard Angell  |  13 June 2017

Theresa May has unified not just the Labour party, but the whole country, writes Progress director Richard Angell Stunned that Labour gained 30 seats and the Tories have lost a majority, the Labour family is applauding its leader for a better-than-expected personal performance, 40 per cent of the vote and the first net gain in …

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Where did it all go right?

Peter Mandelson and Spencer Livermore  |  6 April 2017

Peter Mandelson and Spencer Livermore exchange reflections on 20 years of running Labour’s election campaigns Dear Spencer, The Labour party still (just about) retains a lot of institutional memory about how we have fought elections since 1997. We had a good run until 2010 and it is worth recalling why this was so. 1997 was …

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Labour is a national party or it is nothing

Peter Mandelson  |  3 April 2017

Full text of the opening speech of the second day of Progress political weekend 2017, given by Peter Mandelson: Our situation is bad, not for the first time and not yet terminal. Labour’s whole history is one of set backs and resets, the first couple of which didn’t wait long after our first taste of …

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The Last Word: March to save the NHS

Richard Angell  |  3 March 2017

Save our NHS, time to speak truth to power on Copeland, gongs gone wrong and thank Lord for the upper house – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word Tomorrow I, along with thousands of other Labour activists, will be taking to the street to defend our National Health Service. As shadow health …

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Strike a deal

Peter Mandelson  |  14 December 2016

There are still trade options open for Britain This year’s referendum was the most divisive, polarising event in Britain’s postwar history – which is why you would have thought the government would wish to respect the result delivered by one half of the country but secure the trade that the other half believes is so important. …

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Guerrilla opposition 

The Insider  |  11 July 2016

For generations to come they will ask: where were you in the week British politics lost its mind? Whatever your answer, pity one poor aide to a recently departed member of Labour’s frontbench who spent at least some of that week in hiding, having darted into a nearby toilet so that an oncoming corridor-roaming Corbynista did not spot …

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Brexit and Ireland – time to mobilise

Matthew Doyle  |  17 March 2016

I am very pleased to be guest-editing Progress on this St Patrick’s Day at what is a vital time for both Britain and Ireland with the referendum on our membership of the European Union in just a few weeks’ time. Relations between Britain and Ireland have never been stronger since the two countries joined the …

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‘I want us to be a governing party’

Adam Harrison and Richard Angell  |  9 December 2015

‘No one wants to be called a “predator”’. Angela Eagle talks exclusively to Richard Angell and Adam Harrison The office of the shadow secretary of state for business is no easy place to find. Hidden doors lead to long corridors and spiral staircases as if we have stepped into the magical castle made famous by the Harry …

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Against the Grain

Paul Richards  |  22 October 2015

In 1892, George and Weedon Grossmith published a comic novel about an odd little fellow called Charles Pooter. Pooter was a clerk, struggling with the world around him, his family, and the pressures of fitting in to Victorian society. His comedic self-importance is thwarted at every turn by social misfortune and petty grievances. The book …

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Power of speech

Robert Philpot  |  28 September 2015

Thirty years after Neil Kinnock’s Bournemouth speech, Robert Philpot recalls the fight to save the Labour party from the hard left In September 1985, two years after Neil Kinnock was elected its leader in the wake of the devastating landslide defeat which saw Margaret Thatcher re-elected with a majority of 144, the Labour party gathered for its …

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