Philip Gould

Labour cannot be conservative

David Miliband MP  |  31 October 2012

Our politics makes for good government By David Miliband —Ed Miliband’s successful speech to party conference has rightly put Labour supporters in good heart. No one doubts the scale of the challenge, either to oust the Tories or rebuild Britain. But there is energy and passion as we set about both tasks. The signature tune …

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A family affair

James Purnell  |  27 September 2012

New Labour and blue Labour have much to learn from each other, argues James Purnell I remember sitting with the late Philip Gould last year talking about blue Labour. He was intrigued by Maurice Glasman, the academic who had come up with the moniker, which was then giving our friends an allergic reaction. ‘Populist, anti-immigrant, …

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Innovation, infrastructure and the unfinished revolution

Martin Yuille  |  10 September 2012

Innovation is widely seen as a key driver of growth. But the public understanding – and politicians’ understanding – of innovation is naïve. This has led to short-termism, to manipulation of policy by vested interests in the research community, to chaotic governance of the processes that lead to innovation, to diminished and less sustainable growth …

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Suburban swingers

Joan Ryan MP  |  30 August 2012

As Philip Gould put it, the suburbs are not ‘places with great political traditions and dramatic folklore’. Most people who live in the suburbs aren’t interested in politics in the way most Westminster insiders would understand it. What they care about is what politics means for them, their family and their community. In 1997 we …

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The Happy Depressive

Mark Davies  |  12 March 2012

Alastair Campbell was a notable presence in the audience as Nick Clegg recently launched the second phase of Time to Change, the campaign run by Rethink Mental Illness and Mind with the aim of tackling stigma and discrimination in relation to mental health. Clegg’s speech was unscripted, powerful and heartfelt; Campbell’s record as a mental …

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Keep centre

Liam Byrne MP  |  30 January 2012

Labour needs to find a new way back to a new centre-ground, argues Liam Byrne In the 1990s, progressives learned an important lesson about how to win elections: we built wide coalitions; we held firm to traditional values; but we freed the political mind for new solutions, new methods, new ways of doing business. We …

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The king hereafter?

The Insider  |  25 November 2011

The choice of the next leader of the Scottish Labour party will be vital to Labour’s hopes of winning power not just in Scotland but across Britain as a whole. Thinking merely tactically, there is the simple point that if the Scottish National party wins seats from Labour in the next general election, then Labour …

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Suburban dreams

Robert Philpot  |  24 November 2011

Philip Gould taught Labour to remember the suburban strugglers. It must now  relearn this lesson alone, writes Robert Philpot ‘To describe him as a pollster,’ suggested Douglas Alexander the day after Philip Gould’s death was announced last month, ‘is like describing Pele as a footballer.’ Although Gould would no doubt have demurred, the epithets which …

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In memory of Philip Gould

Douglas Alexander MP  |  7 November 2011

I’ve known Philip Gould almost half my life. I first met him twenty one years ago in his Soho Offices, from which he was running the Shadow Communications Agency. I last saw him just a few days ago in his home, where he showed dignity, courage and generosity in equal measure. Since Alastair Campbell passed …

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The Unfinished Revolution

Deborah Mattinson  |  4 November 2011

I first met Philip Gould in 1985. He bounded in, shirt hanging out, tripping over his words, papers awry: organograms, status reports, and action updates all bashed out with two fingers on his Amstrad. Previously, advisers had advised. Gould got things done. Today he still exudes the same passion and energy. He decided to update …

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