Philip Gould

Letter to the next generation

Philip Gould  |  1 October 2011

Tony Blair’s former pollster Philip Gould has updated his book The Unfinished Revolution. Here he explains why Governing is another country. In opposition the map may be murky but the destination is assured. The campaign team are bound together by a glue of shared purpose that guides and exalts them as they strive to reach …

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Southern discomfort revisited?

Deborah Mattinson  |  12 October 2010

In the miserable aftermath of the 1992 election defeat, I ran swing voter focus groups in Gravesham, Harlow, Luton South, Slough and Stevenage - five marginal seats that Labour failed to win. My aim was to explore what went wrong.

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Solid Gould: Labour’s polling guru and the election

Jessica Asato and Ed Thornton  |  1 April 2010

The public is not convinced by Cameron, and there are reasons for optimism about Labour's future.

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