A quiet optimism for Britain

Ibrahim Dogus  |  8 August 2017

Relieving tensions in our society means more than just anti-terrorism strategy – it means a government ready to make real reforms across the country, writes Ibrahim Dogus The appalling terrorist attacks on Manchester and London left us all facing a host of important questions. There are the obvious ones such as who or what inspired …

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State of emergency

Holly Lynch MP  |  31 March 2017

Cuts to services are endangering those who protect us, warns Holly Lynch The risks emergency workers take every day were thrown into the headlines last month when PC Keith Palmer gave his life to keep others – and our democracy – safe from terrorism. Between 1997 and 2010, there was important legislative progress as it was made an offence …

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Real-term protection, not real-term cuts

Vera Baird  |  25 October 2016

Now that the latest crime figures, published last week, show both ‘a small but genuine increase in some categories of violent crime’ and an undoubted growth in crime reporting, it is ripe to call time on the Tory claim that the police can be cut because they have less to do. The Office for National …

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The sleepwalkers

Charlie Samuda  |  19 July 2016

Late last year, shortly after the protests at Yale, our professor took his students out for a beer to try to have a genuine conversation about America’s race problem. It is a conversation that has come to mind repeatedly as events in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas have provided grim evidence that such problems have gone nowhere. …

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Helen’s story needs to resonate in the real world too

Jacqui Smith  |  12 April 2016

I was the member of parliament for Ambridge. For those of you who are not fans of the Archers, I know it is a Radio 4 drama series (can’t bring myself to say ‘soap’) and therefore not real, but nevertheless the village of Inkberrow with its pub called the Bull is widely recognised to be …

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The ticket and the tribe

David Taylor  |  7 April 2016

Labour PCC candidates can reach out The police and crime commissioner is a hybrid of public service leader and politician. The proclivity to oppose these roles within the Labour party, simply on the grounds that they were born under a Conservative government, is unhealthy and wrong. The devolution agenda was trailblazed by New Labour, and has now eventually been embraced …

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Robbed of power

Vera Baird  |  7 April 2016

Why Labour needs more PCCs Labour police and crime commissioners contributed most of the budget information Andy Burnham used to deter George Osborne from more draconian police cuts in the comprehensive spending review. Our 13 commissioners govern all metropolitan police forces except London. In the past three years in our elected role we have brought …

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Protecting the thin blue line

Barry Kirby  |  29 March 2016

I am very proud to have been selected as the Labour police and crime commissioner candidate for Gloucestershire. That said, many people, including both the general public and Labour members, are not that enthusiastic about police and crime commissioners – and the party is not exactly pulling out all the stops to help candidates. The PCC …

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Bobbies on the beat, not big beasts

Jacqui Smith  |  7 March 2016

I agree with Jeremy Corbyn on his decision that a future Labour government would keep the police and crime commissioners introduced by the coalition government. He made this announcement in launching Labour’s campaign for the police and crime commissioner elections, which will be fought in all police areas apart from London and Manchester on 5 …

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Youth work needs to be a higher political priority

Florence Eshalomi AM  |  23 February 2016

On the evening of 27 September 2012, I spent the evening with a group of young people from Lambeth Youth Council discussing how best to target resources from the Lambeth Youth Mayor’s fund to help steer young people into positive activities. The group included the outgoing Lambeth Youth Mayor David Oyedele, who like me grew …

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