Policy Exchange

How to Make a Million Jobs

Jonathan Todd  |  13 December 2012

There are two kinds of people in the Labour party: those that are born into it and those that choose it. My family have never been political. I look upon those born into the party and cannot comprehend childhoods snatched under tables in committee rooms. I spent my first 16 years kicking a ball against …

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The lacklustre election

Jacqui Smith  |  12 November 2012

Standing on a cold corner handing out leaflets for Simon Murphy, the excellent police and crime commissioner candidate for West Mercia, I was more than a little frustrated when several people said to me, ‘I don’t think I’m going to vote – I haven’t heard anything about it’. ‘But we’re here, aren’t we’, I responded …

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Thatcher or Hague?

Wes Streeting MP  |  30 October 2012

Will Cameron’s ‘blue-collar modernisation’ see the success of Thatcher or the ignominy of Hague, asks Wes Streeting While David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative party conference last month should not be overstated as a dramatic lurch to the right, his ‘aspiration nation’ message reflects the ascendancy of what Anthony Painter termed ‘blue-collar populism’ in September’s …

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Bad policy, bad business

Tony Clements  |  24 August 2012

Hats off to Policy Exchange for another report that stirs a controversy and which prepares the ground for ministers to move further right. Their idea to sell off the most valuable social homes is, however, bad policy, bad business and there are better alternatives. First, bad social policy: this policy may remove people on low …

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North and south

Adam Harrison  |  16 May 2012

Nuggets of interest abound for Labour in Policy Exchange’s latest publication, Northern Lights, which declares itself nothing less than an ‘attempt to update our maps’, doing away with ‘long-defunct ideas’ about why people vote. Despite the title, it examines not just the north of England but the Midlands, the south outside London, and the capital, …

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The hidden workforce

Jenny Simms  |  16 February 2012

On Sunday Cameron announced there was ‘no place for racism in Britain’. For once, Mr Cameron is right. What is he going to do about it? Well, there is going to be a football summit. There is no denying that disgusting displays of racist abuse and aggression shown by certain football players cannot go unsanctioned …

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Paying our way

Adam Harrison  |  8 February 2012

Progress was pleased this month to kick off a round of musical thinktank chairs, welcoming former transport secretary and education minister Andrew Adonis as our new chair alongside new vice-chairs Jenny Chapman MP, Julie Elliott MP, Dan Jarvis MP, Alison McGovern MP, and Toby Perkins MP. Our former chair, shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg MP, …

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Open conference season

Adam Harrison  |  27 September 2011

At the start of October, the uber-posh diaries of Smythson of Bond Street – stationer to the Queen and former employer of Sam Cam – announce the beginning of the pheasant shooting season. Strangely, it is silent on the arrival of autumn party conference season and its associated bloodletting, perhaps because the days of fiery …

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Who’s hue in tankworld

Jessica Asato  |  27 May 2011

It's been a year since Labour's defeat in the general election and it looks like the big beasts of progressive wonk world are settling into life in opposition. Nick Pearce at ippr is busy building an impressive empire of Labour's brightest and best.

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Gove put to the test

Conor Ryan  |  26 May 2011

Education sat at the heart of the Tories' pre-election public service reform agenda. How have their aspirations survived the coalition's first year in power? Conor Ryan investigates.

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