Priti Patel

Hopes in ruins

Amina Lone  |  3 October 2017

Priti Patel’s cynical campaign might have changed the Brexit result but its promise cannot be forgotten The tangled web of Britain’s exit from the European Union is no closer to being unravelled. At its heart lies the omnipresent issue of immigration. However one cuts it, the issue of ‘who, what, where and how’ relating to the movement of people is the …

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Mayexit means Mayexit

Renie Anjeh  |  24 July 2017

Whoever the next Tory leader is, they will not share Theresa May’s deficiencies. Renie Anjeh assesses the runners and riders A few months ago, Theresa May was queen of all she surveyed. She was high on hubris, drunk with power and worshipped by sycophantic journalists in the right-wing press. No one could have predicted the sharp vicissitudes …

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Quips, insults and bananas

Emma Burnell  |  15 June 2016

It was an odd sort of a line up we saw on last night’s Telegraph/Huffington Post/Youtube EU debate. On the remain side we had two formidable politicians who – like it or not (and I suspect for many Progress readers the answer will be not) have had their turn at leading or seeking to lead …

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Britain must be a global leader against capital punishment

Samantha Jury-Dada  |  7 August 2015

This week, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office revised its global human rights goals. It dropped priorities including the abolition of the death penalty, in favour of three broad areas: democratic values, human rights and the rule of law. For most people, this change in priorities will not affect them. In fact, most people will not …

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Blues sky thinking

Hopi Sen  |  14 July 2014

It is the stuff of nightmares for Labour, but what if David Cameron wins next May? Hopi Sen assesses the Tories’ plans Think about the Tories winning next year. David Cameron emerging from Downing Street, wreathed in smiles. A Dimbleby intoning the words ‘Conservative majority’, quietly astonished. CCHQ loud, exuberant. The Queen’s speech to come. A prospect …

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Unpopularity contest

Adam Harrison  |  4 September 2012

‘We have never aimed to be popular, and we have been very successful at times in being unpopular.’ Thus wrote the chair of the long-standing Conservative thinktank, The Bow Group, as the institution marked its 60th birthday over the summer. The group’s new president, John Major, addressed its annual summer reception on the Palace of …

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What lies beneath

Alison McGovern MP  |  29 September 2011

A new book by Tory MPs elected last year exposes a yearning for a more authentically Conservative agenda It must be hard for new Conservative MPs. After years of loyalty to David Cameron, even with the strong tailwinds of 2010 he could not secure their birthright: victory at a general election. As these new-intake MPs …

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Harriet’s last PMQs

  |  15 September 2010

Luke Akehurst and Kezia Dugdale pore over today's sessions, picking out best backbench questions and jokes. Harriet's hoodie quip rounded off a good run for her, while Tories raised questions about AV and.... Fidel Castro

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