Progress political weekend

How does Labour win a majority in 2015?

Izzy Westbury  |  11 March 2014

The key things that Labour must focus on can be split broadly in two. First, the policy areas that need to be broadcast, and, second, the way in which these policies are broadcast. On policy areas, whether we like it or not, the economy is going to be a huge issue. If the economy picks …

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How does Labour win a majority in 2015?

George Melhuish  |  10 March 2014

At a glance, Labour’s road to a majority in 2015 seems both long and steep. We stand today almost four years on from one of our worst defeats since the end of the second world war, having won 258 seats and just 29 per cent of the vote, barely beating the consummate disaster of the …

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Taking Scotland seriously

Rhea Wolfson  |  5 March 2014

I have just come back from a fortnight at my family home in Glasgow. The trip has left me with a few things, namely a stinking cold but also some reflections on Scottish independence. I spent my first afternoon up north hiding from the rain, binge-watching BBC One Scotland, BBC Two Scotland and STV, and …

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Learning the lessons of past victories

Simon Evans  |  3 March 2014

Progress recently gave Labour activists the chance to win a bursary place to attend our forthcoming Political Weekend. Over the next two weeks we are publishing the offerings of a selection of those who successfully won places, answering the question ‘How does Labour win a majority in 2015’? The challenge that Labour faces to win a …

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What I learned at the People’s Assembly

Stephen Bush  |  25 June 2013

The People’s Assembly was an event for people who think that listing things you do not like in increasingly emotive terms will lead inevitably to the triumph of the things you do like. The day opened with a worthless plenary, but opening plenaries are always worthless unless there is a free breakfast or Andrew Adonis …

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Time to lead and explain

Jonathan Todd  |  20 May 2013

What we can learn from the era of the ‘Geddes Axe’ At the 1922 general election the Labour party more than doubled its representation, rising from 57 to 142 seats. This election was fought soon after the ‘Geddes Axe’ was wielded, which slashed public expenditure in an effort to restore the pre-first world war parity …

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Two years to 2015: where is Labour at?

Vijay Riyait  |  5 April 2013

Andrew Adonis opened the Progress political weekend at Stoke Rochford Hall by saying it was important not to be complacent and that the Labour party faced an almighty political battle. In terms of what Labour had to do to win in 2015, Adonis was at pains to highlight that we now needed real programmes and …

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In the dragons’ den

Phil Jones  |  12 March 2013

I’ve heard some unexpected things at political events over the years but a call for class warfare at a Progress event had all the probability of a demand for immediate introduction of the euro at a UKIP rally. It came as the young and articulate crowd at the Progress political weekend engaged in some red-sky …

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Mapping a route to government

Adam Tyndall  |  11 March 2013

We’re on a boat. To reach the destination of government, we must pass between the six-headed monster and the whirlpool. This classical analogy – taken from the Odyssey – was the starting point for the session entitled Real Change for Britain: What are the Long-term Challenges Facing the Next Labour Government? at this weekend’s Progress …

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After austerity: Proper devolution

Jonathan Todd  |  11 January 2013

This government never tires of saying that it was formed in a moment of economic crisis. Yet three-quarters of positive growth had then been secured. Now we teeter on the brink of an unprecedented triple-dip recession. The government decided, two years into their administration, that they need a growth strategy, so they sent for Michael …

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